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Meet Our Graduate Students in Education

April 28, 2010

Lehman graduate students in the Division of Education discuss how their degree programs are preparing them to give back to their communities, as well as transform the lives of young people.

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I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I've been living in New York City for many years. I came here to work as a professional cellist and I've had many different careers. I chose Lehman College because it has the best accreditation of any of the schools in New York City who are-- have a graduate program in school counseling.

There are many different paths from the Lehman counseling career that you can go toward. You can do career counseling, you can do middle school counseling, elementary school counseling, high school counseling and you can work in college counseling as well. So it's a very broad degree.

You are in the school sooner. It has more-- hours than any other program in the city-- of practicums and pre-practicums where you're on site working with students and that's really great because you get the practice before you go into the field. I feel like they definitely know what they're doing here and I feel like I'm getting the best education possible.



When my oldest daughter first went to school-- she came home and started you know, asking me questions and, you know, I thought it was a great opportunity to, you know, try and see if, you know, I can help her out a little bit. I-- I fell in love with it. I did-- grow up in a pretty rough neighborhood, single parent household, like many New York s-- you know s-- City students, so I wanted to kind of give back to the community that I grew up in. And this is why I kinda really wanted to focus on being a teacher here in New York City.

The program itself is structured in a way that, gives-- you know, you the best possible tools when you leave to go into the teaching world. It gives you the opportunity to o-- observe classrooms so you get to see teaching firsthand, but it also brings it back into the classroom environment and the teachers there then, you know, go over exactly what you learned out in the field, plus they bring it in that home environment.

Well, you know, what can you do to make that child a better person, not only a better student. So Lehman has the biggest package. They have it all. And they allow you that freedom to know, you know, really pick what you wanna study. You know, child development, you-- do you wanna go into and you have that-- the courses are designed so that you learn everything and you go out into the field with the best tools, you know, capable.