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Six Lehman Students Honored for Dreaming Big

April 30, 2010

Josefina Ramirez, Roger Robles, and Jenoice Baxter are three of six Lehman students to win the Dream Big Foundation's essay competition.

Six Lehman students have won the Dream Big Foundation's essay competition. Deborah Rosado Shaw, entrepreneur and author of Dream Big! A Roadmap for Facing Life's Challenges and Creating the Life You Deserve, announced the competition during her lecture to the campus community in February. Listen to Author and Entrepreneur Tells Lehman Students to Dream Big.

Victoria C. Rodriguez, a junior majoring in health services administration, took home the $500 scholarship. Twenty years after graduating from high school, Rodriguez enrolled at Lehman. Encouraged by Shaw's lecture, she wrote in her essay, "Your success and perseverance in obtaining your goals completely and utterly inspired me to continue my path." She hopes to continue working in the healthcare industry.

Five other students each won $100 Visa gift cards: Jenoice Baxter, Basirat Lawal, Dalila Molina, Josefina Ramirez, and Roger Robles.

"The Dream Big Foundation scholarship is important to me because I feel honored that Deborah Rosado Shaw and Lehman College's Career Services Center strongly believe in my career and personal goals," said Baxter, a photography major who hopes one day to apply her skills to the travel field.

A business administration major, who plans to become an entrepreneur, Robles said, "This scholarship is important to me because it serves as an indication that I am on the right path."

"I aspire to become an early childhood teacher and an author. My goal is to make a difference in this world," said Ramirez, a sociology major. "I want to encourage everyone to believe that they can make their dreams come true."