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Lehman's New Multimedia Center

March 26, 2010

An inside look at the new $16 million Multimedia Center at Lehman College.

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We are fascinated with the fact that we have state of the art equipment now to teach journalism-- the journalism of the 21st century.


This center provides an unprecedented level of technology and-- resources.


I'm gonna have one class of film scoring music students. My goal would be to first of all teach them everything I know and also help them to try to figure out a way they can make a living in music because that's a challenge.



This space originally was a library, two-story library space. So, when we came to it, it wasn't being used for a library anymore. And it was a space that-- really needed renovation, no matter what was gonna be put here.


The interesting thing was that when we both came here to see the-- this space specifically, it was about 10,000 square foot of two-story volume. And an existing building, which is about 40 years-- old-- but fortunately that 40-year-old building essentially embraced the idea of modernism. So, therefore, it allowed us to basically play on that theme of creating a contemporary multimedia center to start with. The corridors of the two sides offered us another opportunity. So that's how the basic idea and a concept for the multimedia center began.

To say, "Perhaps we could connect these two corridor spaces with almost like a bridge-like structure," which is what this is doing. And then the second opportunity that was provided was that because of the open courtyard nearby, was to bring the daylight and introduce the daylight all the way to the lowest level.



And the physical facility is great. The big live, you know-- multi-use audio video recording room is-- spectacular. And-- one of the nice things about this facility is that if you did wanna bring a chamber orchestra in, you could do it. You got the room.


It is exactly the right environment in which to experiment with approaches that help keep the humanities relevant in the digital age. My horizon is to be able for people to understand that what distinguishes Lehman from all other schools in the New York metropolitan area and maybe even on a broader horizon is the d-- degree to which media and visual literacy are infused in every aspect of all the programs.


And-- you know, a lot of out students come from an underserved, underprivileged community. And now they have the tools-- to compete with everybody-- you know, major universities that have this equipment. We have it, too. So, we're proud about the fact that we are able to offer that to our students. This newsroom is basically a workshop. Once the-- our students take several writing courses then they can participate in this newspaper workshop-- online workshop where they get this real life training to take out to the real world.



I think the combination of spaces, between the more technical spaces downstairs and the classroom upstairs, has helped create a space that's a destination for the entire campus, not just for a particular department or program on the campus.


We are about to make, out of this multi-media center, a great contribution to the Bronx, in general, to a city of New York.