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DVD Featuring Lehman Faculty and Students Spotlights Equity-Based School Counseling

March 1, 2010

Dr. Stuart Chen-Hayes

Dr. Stuart Chen-Hayes of Lehman College has spearheaded the creation of a new DVD that is the first to focus on equity-based school counseling, with an emphasis on ensuring academic, career and college success for all the nation's K-12 students.

"Only six percent of poor and working-class students in the United States graduate every year with college degrees," says Professor Chen-Hayes. "We need to radically transform school counseling practice to get needed skills to all students and their families, not just in their last year of high school but starting in early elementary grades."

Produced in the College's new Multimedia Center, the video features practical, scenario-based vignettes from faculty, students and alumni of Lehman's graduate program in school counseling. The goal of the DVD is to broaden understanding within the profession of what equity-based school counseling means and how it can be implemented.

Counselors are encouraged to take a "whole-school approach" when making certain that students acquire ACCESS competencies (academic, career, college access, emotional/personal, and social/cultural skills) throughout elementary, middle and high school. New York City middle school counselors, for example, are urged to help students see how their choice of a high school has great implications for college and career goals and how the high school application process parallels what they will be expected to do for college admissions.

"We need to provide career and college access for all students, not just honors or high-achieving students," says Dr. Chen-Hayes, who recently became the first New York City counselor-educator to win election as president of NARACES (North Atlantic Region Association for Counselor Education and Supervision). In this position, he is responsible for its biannual conference and for helping to increase visibility and support for the profession by expanding the organization's connections with master's and doctoral programs in the region.

Dr. Chen-Hayes is a member of Lehman's Department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education, where he directs the master's program in school counseling. The new video was produced by Lehman's Media Technology Services Manager, Jerry Barnard, and is being marketed worldwide to school counselor educators, directors of school and college counseling programs, and K-12 school counselors by Microtraining & Associates.