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Introducing CUNY's First Family Nurse Practitioner Master's Program

February 4, 2010

Lehman Nursing Chair Dr. Catherine Alicia Georges discusses the College's Master of Family Nurse Practitioner program--the first within CUNY.

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The new program that we got approved on December 10, 2009 is the Master's in Family Nurse Practitioner. It's the only family nurse practitioner program in City University. What we are going to prepare are nurses who could work across the life continuum, because family nurse practitioners take care of infants and adolescents and young adults and older adults. So, it's across the board. In this state, practitioners can prescribe medications. So, they will be doing prescribing of medications.

We're now undergoing admitting people. And since most of our students in the nursing department-- come from the Bronx, in the hospitals that provide service to communities here, you'll find that in Bronx Lebanon, over 200 of the nurses working there are graduates. You'll find them at Montefiore Hospital in very key positions, not just the staff nurses, but also as managers. You'll find them in the Visiting Nurse Service of New York here in the borough. You'll find them in the skilled nursing facilities again as direct caregivers, and as managers.

The type of graduate we produce is the graduate of the future. The future is for the baccalaureate prepared nurse. We feel we're in a great position to do it. We are in a borough where the health indices are so bad that we need to have the best taking care of the sickest and the most vulnerable. Our issue here is that we don't have enough slots for all the people who are interested.


As we look down for the future, the evolution of programs, practitioner programs, will be in what's called the doctorate in nursing practice, which will be the practice degree. So, we're taking a hard look at that.

And so you'll be seeing, in a very you know, short period of time, as evolve, you know, the movement towards that. And I think in nursing education across the country, that's the trend. We will have no choice, really, but to move in that direction.

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