Public Safety Alert

Welcome to the Spring 2013 semester. The department of Public Safety would like to remind you of the following contact information and safety reminders:

Emergency/24 hour: 718-960-7777, Gate #5 Central Communication Station

Non-emergency: 718-960-8228. Administrative Office, APEX room 109: 718-960-8593/4

Please remember:

  • Photo ID's should be obtained and validated as soon as possible. The ID schedule is posted on a monthly basis at:

    This is an open campus and having a validated ID helps Public Safety to identify trespassers.

  • The APEX, Computer Center and Library require validated Lehman ID to enter.

  • Secure your personal property. Do not leave valuable items unattended (cellphone, iPod, etc.). Carefully monitor and secure your wallet, purse, credit cards, driver's license and Lehman ID card.

  • When in the Library, please follow the etiquette policy (policy can be found on the Library web site) in order to promote a quiet and considerate environment for Lehman College students, faculty, and staff.

  • For those who drive, be sure to display your current parking permit and have the proximity parking access card handy to enter the lot. For those who do not have a parking permit and access card, they must be purchased at the Campus Activities Office, room 078 in Shuster Hall. Please be aware that in order to park in any of the Lehman College parking lots, you must have a current parking decal. Please do not park illegally, e.g. double parking, blocking college driveways. Do not leave valuables in plain view in your vehicle.

  • When walking, entering the campus or parking area, use the pedestrian walkways not driveways. When walking on or off campus, be conscious of approaching vehicle traffic.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and report and unusual behaviors or incidents to Public Safety.

    We at Public Safety wish all a safe and successful semester and look forward to providing our services to the Lehman college community.

Last modified: Mar 3, 2014