Past Features

December 11, 2006 (Vol. 4, No. 7)

Just Passing By...

Red Tailed Hawk

Glance up into one of the trees around the quadrangle, and you might spot a recent visitor to the Lehman campus. Since late December, this red-tailed hawk has been spotted at various times in the pin oaks, on a grassy slope in front of the Old Gym Building, and on the fence surrounding the reservoir. The quiet, sheltered campus provides a tranquil environment for the predatory creature, which is the most common variety of hawk found in North America. With a wingspan that can reach four feet, it soars high in the sky, searching for food with eyesight that is much sharper than a human's. If you hear its raspy cry, chances are you'll recognize it from movies and commercials, where it is commonly used to convey a sense of wilderness or adventure.