Past Features

December 11, 2006 (Vol. 4, No. 7)

New Faculty Appointments

This is the last in a series of articles profiling new faculty and staff.

Dr. Cassandra Dobson

Cassandra Dobson
Cassandra Dobson
Cassandra Dobson (Assistant Professor, Nursing): B.S.N., M.S.N., Lehman College; D.Nsc., Columbia University. Much of Dr. Dobson's research and work has been devoted to exploring alternative treatment protocols for sickle cell disease. "As a young nurse, I remember watching young children dying like butterflies while in sickle cell crises," she says. "It was then that it occurred to me that they needed to be treated holistically." Her research in the field has shown that using alternative methods, rather than only relying on opioids, helps children and families cope more effectively. Having done her undergraduate work and part of her graduate work at Lehman College, she is very happy to be back, now on the other side of the desk, spreading the message.

Dr. Dobson also worked for a short time as Assistant Director of Nursing at Montefiore Medical Center and is currently involved in the administration of the Institutional Review Board there. She is a member of several nursing associations and is on the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Concerned Professionals.

Dr. Cindy Lobel

Cindy Lobel
Cindy Lobel
Cindy Lobel (Assistant Professor, History): B.A., Tufts University; Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center. Dr. Lobel is a cultural historian, with interests in urban development, consumer culture, and the history of New York. Her doctoral dissertation "Consuming Classes: Changing Food Consumption Patterns in New York City, 1790-1860," was nominated for the Allan Nevins Prize of the Society of American Historians, and she is currently revising this work for publication. The social and cultural aspects of food consumption are central themes of her work. "Studying the history of the nineteenth century in the United States, one can see that there is a shift in terms of how people get their food, moving from production to consumption," says Dr. Lobel, "and using food as a lens in this way reveals different aspects of society."

Growing up outside Philadelphia, Dr. Lobel moved to New York for graduate school and has been a true New Yorker ever since. Prior to her appointment at Lehman, she offered guided walking tours of New York City. Dr. Lobel has taught at several CUNY colleges, as well as at Barnard, Columbia, and Connecticut College. "I'm very pleased to be back in the CUNY system. The students here bring a lot of diversity and richness to the classroom."

Professor Miguel Pérez

Miguel Perez
Miguel Pérez
Professor Miguel Pérez (Professor, Journalism, Communication & Theatre): M.S., Columbia University. Professor Pérez joins Lehman after a 30-year career as a commentator and talk-show host on both radio and television, as a reporter for The Tampa Times and The Miami Herald, and as a staff columnist for The New York Daily News. Most recently, he was on the staff of The Record of Hackensack, N.J., and he continues to write a nationally syndicated column ( and The recipient of numerous awards, he won the Achievement In Radio (A.I.R.) Award in 2002 as the "Best Hispanic On-Air Personality" and a Deadline Club Award for two years in a row (2005 and 2006).

Born in Havana, Professor Pérez came to the United States at the age of 11, but he knew that he was destined to be a journalist even before then. His uncle, a successful journalist in Cuba, was an early source of inspiration. He promised to teach his young nephew the ropes of journalism by bringing him to the newsroom. Even though this promise was not realized, since both left Cuba for the United States, Professor Pérez remembers playing with a journalist's notepads from a very early age. "I've always known what I wanted to be," he says. "I remember reading sports stories, not to see who won and lost, but to see how they were written." Now he will share his wealth of experience with a new generation of students.

Dr. Jim Tsiamtsiouris

Jim Tsiamtsiouris
Jim Tsiamtsiouris
Jim Tsiamtsiouris (Assistant Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences): M.S., University of Vermont; Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center. Dr. Tsiamtsiouris has worked as a speech-language pathologist with children and adults in a variety of clinical settings and has taught at Eastern Washington University and Seton Hall University, in addition to Lehman. At the graduate level, he has taught the clinical practicum as well as courses on phonological disorders, anatomy and physiology, and fluency disorders—one of his areas of specialization. Current research interests center on the identification of psycholinguistic factors that contribute to the breakdown of speech fluency. He has published articles and delivered a number of presentations and workshops at national and international conferences.