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December 11, 2006 (Vol. 4, No. 7)

Lehman Faculty Member and CUNY Ph.D. Students Reshape 'ASP Newsletter'

CUNY doctoral students James Lyles and Amy Keller with Professor Edward Kennelly (center).
CUNY doctoral students James Lyles and Amy Keller with Professor Edward Kennelly (center).

With the help of two CUNY doctoral students, Dr. Edward Kennelly, chair of Lehman's Biological Sciences Department, is changing the look, feel and read of the American Society of Pharmacognosy's (ASP) newsletter. For the past year, Dr. Kennelly has served as its editor-in-chief, introducing additions and improvements that have caught the attention of ASP members and others in the scientific community.

ASP President Dr. Roy Okuda commends Dr. Kennelly for his work. "The Newsletter is very well crafted and does exactly what it should do—provide information and interesting news about the Society and its members. Kudos to Dr. Kennelly, his students, and others who work on it for their hard work! This is the main 'face' of the Society so it has a big role for us."

Besides news about pharmacognosy (the study of medicinal uses for elements found in nature), the publication now includes columns like "Meet a New ASP Member," which profiles new members and their specific interest in pharmacognosy. "Behind the Scenes in Pharmacognosy," features interviews with authors of recently published scientific studies, and "From the Archives," which gives members the opportunity to comment on archival photographs drawn from the society's early days.

Dr. Kennelly attributes much of the newsletter's success to his two student assistants, Amy Keller and James Lyles, who perform everything from gathering story ideas, conducting interviews and taking photographs to designing and laying out the quarterly publication electronically.

Keller is a fourth-year graduate student with an interest in Dominican medicinal plants. She works with Dr. Kennelly in developing story ideas, conducts interviews, and writes several articles. Lyles, a fifth-year graduate student, is the newsletter's layout editor and was responsible for giving it a new aesthetic to the newsletter. Previously, his only publishing experience involved laying out his high school yearbook and a club newsletter.

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