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April 02, 2020

A Message from Lehman College President Daniel Lemons

  • Loaner Laptops: More laptops arrived this morning at Lehman and we are working quickly to ship them out. Students who have not yet applied for a loaner iPad or a tablet should fill out the application on our website. If you are in need of a loaned device, sign up as soon as possible so we can arrange to get it to you.
  • Student Payment Plans and Financial Hardship Form: The global pandemic has had a long-lasting impact on the economy and I know that many of you are struggling to make ends meet.  We want to ensure that you can continue your education regardless of your current financial situation.
    • To help, for those students on a payment plan for Spring 2020 through Nelnet, your final payment due date has been postponed from April 5th to May 5th.  Students whose current situation does not allow them to make timely payment should take advantage of this delay.  Students who require further additional time to make the final scheduled payment may be able to receive an extension beyond May 5th.  If you find that you are still unable to make payment on May 5th, and need additional time, contact Nelnet and let them know your situation. Plan participants may request a hardship extension to June 5th.  Nelnet will be sending notifications directly to payment plan participants.
    • For those students who are not on a payment plan, and who have remaining tuition balances, we will work with you to arrange a reasonable payment schedule to allow you to enroll for summer and fall classes.  Please submit a completed financial hardship form available through via this link.
  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance: For those who are underemployed or out of work but may not qualify for traditional unemployment benefits, the New York State Department of Labor has created Pandemic Unemployment Assistance as an option. This assistance is available to workers including self-employed/1099 workers, part time workers, and those who have not been working for an extended period of time. Impacted students can apply by phone or online.  More information can be found at: https://labor.ny.gov/ui/pdfs/pandemic-unemployment-assistance.pdf and https://www.labor.ny.gov/ui/cares-act.shtm.

As always, the best source for up-to-date information about Lehman’s response to COVID-19 developments is the coronavirus website, which we add to every day. Continue to send questions, comments and suggestions to covid19.taskforce@lehman.cuny.edu.

Take care, and continue to stay safe by strictly following the guidance on social distancing and hand and respiratory hygiene. These precautions will remain extremely important for the coming weeks.


Daniel Lemons

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