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March 19, 2020

A Message from Lehman College President Daniel Lemons

Dear Member of the Lehman Community:

Today marked the first day of distance learning for all classes at Lehman and across all of CUNY. In important ways it is a historic day that will separate the past from the future of education at CUNY. I know the faculty and staff have been working in a remarkable way to make this happen.

To help students with the ongoing transition, we have aggregated essential information on our website, including:

We will be updating this information on a daily basis.

We are working hard to prepare laptops to distribute to those who need them, and information about that will be provided as soon as we have it at http://lehman.edu/coronavirus/student.php. Our current supply is insufficient for all who need a device, but if you don’t get one next week, know that we are working hard to obtain many more, and I expect that we will.

You should also visit the CUNY Continuity for Students website for additional resources. We continue to ask that you send COVID-19 related updates and questions to Covid19.taskforce@lehman.cuny.edu.

If you have the symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have been directly exposed, tested or are planning to get tested please let us know: COVID19.Reporting@lehman.cuny.edu. Your privacy will be protected.

Our goal is for all students to successfully complete the term as they stay healthy. If circumstances prevent that for some, we will do everything we can to find solutions that minimize the impact. There are dozens of questions about how that can be done, and at this moment we can answer very few of them. In the coming weeks we’ll have more answers, tapping our ingenuity and proving our ability to persist. It is a stressful time for everyone, so stay connected.

All the best this weekend to you and your family,

Daniel Lemons

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