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March 17, 2020

A Message from Lehman College President Daniel Lemons

Dear Lehman Colleague:

Starting tomorrow, and until new information indicates otherwise, we will operate with minimum service on campus. The details of what that means will be kept up to date on the coronavirus website.

Starting tomorrow morning:

  • The Day Care Center and Food Pantry will remain in operation, but according to modified schedules that will be updated regularly on the website.
  • Faculty and staff will be able to come to campus, but will need to schedule visits with their deans or supervisors, first, who will then arrange scheduling with Public Safety. A Public Safety officer will accompany all CUNY-ID-holding visitors to their destinations.
  • We understand that some employees pick up their paychecks. We will work out a way to distribute those in the next few days. The bursar's office will also establish a mechanism to accept checks.
  • Students will also be able to schedule campus visits to pick up borrowed laptops or other necessary devices
We will work to find other safe ways for faculty, staff and students to access needed resources. That will evolve, so please be patient.

With these changes we enter a new phase of carrying on our work. I read an apt statement a few days ago about our situation: "There are no good choices, only good decisions." I have heard from almost every part of our campus community in the past few days as we discuss what is "essential"¾to our students, our faculty, our staff members.

At each step it has not been obvious what a good decision is when we are trying to balance our commitment to the health of everyone alongside the social justice concerns that arise when essential services to students without adequate resources are restricted.

Since the end of February, my attention has been focused on the data as they have become available. Today those data have led us to this new way to operate, one that has been discussed and seconded by the Cabinet.

As always, the best source of information is the coronavirus website, which we will keep up-to-date. This is an unprecedented situation, so there are more questions than answers; as we work through the next week or two, we will address the challenges that arise one by one. Continue to send questions, comments and suggestions to covid19.taskforce@lehman.cuny.edu.

Finally, I need to say again, please keep kindness at the forefront. In a crisis many mistakes are made, even after all due diligence. If you look back at your own personal actions in the past week you will likely find ways that you could have acted differently. Everyone is in that boat. Be generous and make allowances. Support each other. And, most importantly, keep your distance but stay in touch. Really, you have to overdo it now.

Stay safe and healthy,


Daniel Lemons

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