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Lehman College: City University of New York
March 17, 2017

A Message from Lehman College President José Luis Cruz
Proposed Federal Budget

To the Lehman College Community:

I am confident you have had a chance to follow the national discussion regarding the enactment of next year’s federal budget. Today, I am sending the below letter to members of New York’s congressional delegation, including Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. You may want to contact them as well to express your thoughts about how proposed cuts would impact our country and our ability to advance the mission of Lehman College of The City University of New York.

I wanted to convey support for your ongoing efforts to ensure that the federal government does a better job of translating our ideals into policies and practices that sustain, rather than erode, opportunity.

As an American, I am particularly troubled by the range and severity of proposed cuts to agencies and programs that work for the betterment of lives, the advancement of scientific knowledge, and the engagement of our peoples through the arts and humanities.

As the president of a college that is nationally recognized as a vehicle of upward mobility, I am especially unsettled by the impact the proposed cuts would have on our country’s ability to advance educational attainment at a time when high-quality degrees and credentials are more necessary than ever to grow our economy, increase civic involvement, and improve our quality of life.

However, I find comfort in knowing that you and others, from across the political spectrum, will work hard to enact a federal budget that will reflect our nation’s values and better serve our increasingly diverse communities.

I find strength in being part of a campus community that is committed to furthering the tenets of social justice and eradicating the educational, health, and economic inequities that persist in the America of today.

And I find agency in communicating to you that the knowledge, voices, and experiences of our community are available to inform the policies, influence the discussions, and implement the practices that will lead our nation to a better place.

I look forward to the hard work ahead; please do not hesitate to contact me if we can be of help.



José Luis Cruz
President, Lehman College
The City University of New York