Lehman College Dashboard (LCD)

Why Do We Need a Reporting/Analytics Tool?

Lehman College needs data to make informed decisions in the service of our students, faculty and staff. The Lehman College Dashboard (LCD) is an analytics solution that integrates data across information silos to provide a holistic perspective for day-to-day decisions.  Based on an Oracle Business Intelligence platform, LCD is secure, reliable and available anywhere, anytime.

LCD marks the first time that the campus community has access to detailed information regarding enrollment, faculty workload, budget and expenditures in a single environment. 

The Dashboard is to enhance Lehman's ability to analyze trends and provide greater insight as we work together to achieve the strategic vision of the College.

How Should I Use LCD?

The Dashboard is designed to respond to Lehman's need for more immediate access to College data in a user-friendly, transparent and contextual format. It is intended to provide fast information for performance reporting, planning and forecasting.

LCD is designed for internal use as the data is dynamic and will change daily (or in some cases in real-time) as source systems, including CUNYfirst and LOMRS, etc., are updated. Please review any needs for official College data for reporting purposes with the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment.

Development Efforts and Feedback

The Lehman Connect Dashboard is the first reporting and analytics tool used within CUNY.  Its development is based on a new model, one where subject matter experts work collaboratively with technical staff to create reports and “what if” scenarios that recognize the nuances of the vast information available in a variety of databases. 

This iterative process can sometimes take time, but the result is a capability that not only meets user needs, it is automatically updated and available daily without further intervention.

In July 2011, a team from Information Technology presented on Business Intelligence in Higher Education at the annual Campus Technology Conference in Boston.  In December 2011, the team presented the LCD at the CUNY IT conference and received excellent feedback. Lehman has since become the pioneer in reporting and dashboard development among CUNY schools and has helped other colleges establish their business intelligence and analytics platform.

We value the feedback and guidance from users as we strive to improve the value of LCD and continue to integrate the tool into the day-to-day work of the College.

If you are interested in more information regarding LCD, please contact: lei.millman@lehman.cuny.edu or at X8694. 

Sample screen shots:











If you are interested in more information regarding LCD, please contact: lei.millman@lehman.cuny.edu or at X8694. 

Last modified: Apr 15, 2014

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