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Lehman College

Lehman College International Programs and Global Partnerships: Study at Lehman College

English as a Second Language

Since 1989, the ESL Institute has offered classes on the full-time and part-time basis to everyone interested in improving their English skills for personal and professional reasons. Some features of our programs include dynamic instructors, affordable rates, flexible schedules, opportunities to enter degree programs, and a student-oriented environment.

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All new students are required to take a placement test in order to determine their level of proficiency. The non-refundable $20 testing fee can be applied to any Continuing Education course.

Placement Test Schedule

Fall 2015

  • Fall B:
    • Wed., Oct.21—5:30 pm
    • Sat., Oct.24—10:30 am 

Lehman Campus – LC
CUNY on the Concourse - COTC

Intensive English Program

This intensive ESL program is designed for committed learners who are determined to improve all skills and advance fast. The program consists of two courses which can be taken separately or together. International students must take both courses in order to meet F-1 visa requirements.

Fall B:

  • ESL 16 (28 sessions) Grammar/Reading/Writing
  • ESL 17 (28 sessions) Listening/Speaking

Tuition for both ESL 16 & ESL 17 $925

Part-Time Program

Ideal for busy, working students who need balanced instruction in all skills. Each class integrates grammar with reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The integration of skills promotes active learning. The courses are offered in all levels of proficiency.

Lehman College

ESL 13 Day-Time (28 sessions) Mon – Th 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Fall B: November 3 – December 22 (no class 11/26)

CUNY on the Concourse

*NEW Section added

ESL 11 Evening  (16 sessions) Tue/Th 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Section 1: Beginners
Section 2: Intermediate / Advanced
November 3—January 7th

Academic ESL Courses

These courses are designed for students who are planning to start college and need to work on academic English skills.

Grammar and Writing Workshop

CLD29 (10 sessions) Levels 4-5

This class provides grammar review with focus on sentence structure and the most common errors that occur in writing. Students will learn the main principles of paragraph organization and short essay development.
Location: Lehman campus
Tuesday 7:15—9:15 pm

Reading/Writing CUNY Test Prep (Hybrid)

CLD38 (7 in-class sessions; unlimited time online) Levels 5 and higher

This is an intensive writing course for students who want to advance their reading and writing skills and prepare for CUNY Skills Assessment Exam. The hybrid format of the class allows the instructor to work with the students in class and online.
Mon (7 in-class sessions) 6:30—8:30 pm
Tue—Sun (unlimited time online)

Writing a Research Paper

WRT21 Levels 7 and higher (22 sessions)

This advanced course will prepare you to go beyond writing an essay. You will learn to conduct research using outside sources and to incorporate them into your writing in order to form arguments and interpretations.
Mon/Wed 6:00—8:00 pm COTC

Oral Skills Courses

These courses are designed to help students develop their oral communication skills. They are offered in two stages of proficiency.

First Steps in Communication

CLD60 Beginner (10 sessions)

This class is for beginning students who want to learn the basics of pronunciation and develop everyday communication skills for personal needs and employment.
Mon/Wed 7:00—9:00 pm COTC

Pronunciation and Speaking Skills

CLD51 Int./Advanced (12 sessions)

Students master pronunciation and intonation while building their speaking fluency.

Thursday 7:00—9:00 pm COTC

Customized ESL

English courses in different professional fields (e.g. business, health care, etc.) can be designed for groups of students per request from employers.

Private ESL Lessons

CLD100 (1.5 hr min)
Private ESL lessons can be arranged for those who prefer one -on-one instruction.

Registration Information

You can register using the following options:
In person:

  • Lehman College—Carman Hall, Room 128
  • CUNY on the Concourse—3rd Floor, 2501 Grand Concourse

By phone: 718-960-8512

Online: here