Innovations at Lehman

Welcome to innovations@lehman

Lehman is filled with creative people and great ideas!

innovations@lehman is designed to encourage Lehman students, faculty, and staff to contribute innovative ideas that reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance campus life. The program’s goal is to enlist everyone in helping to develop great possibilities and opportunities that then can become reality.

We encourage creative ideas—big and small—that benefit the College by:

  • Saving money, resources, or time;
  • Reducing inefficiency, waste, or duplication;
  • Consuming energy;
  • Streamlining administrative processes;
  • Improving the quality of campus life; and
  • Enhancing the safety and health of the College community.

Submitting and reviewing innovations@lehman

Any individual or group can submit an idea using the online form. After you submit an idea, you will receive an automated acknowledgment. The idea will then be forwarded to the relevant division or committee, but information that would identify the individual or group making the suggestion will be removed. Proposed innovations@lehman will be reviewed at regularly scheduled meetings. Ideas that require additional review will be referred to an appropriate department or individual for further evaluation and action.

Awardees will receive recognition, plaques, or gifts for successful innovations.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.


Last modified: Mar 4, 2014

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