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In 2006, Lehman College began an intensive review of its branding and graphic identity. That review has led to a new visual identity and usage guidelines.

The new identity is derived from the rich historic context evident in the grand, early 20th-century architecture dominating the Lehman campus. The core of the logo mark is a dramatically simplified façade of the central and most recognizable building on campus—the Music Building. The logo mark's overall shape is a heraldic shield rendered in modern, "open" style. This particular shield shape is taken from one of many such shapes found in Lehman's architecture. The shield's bottom (the ground) expresses the stability of the institution, while its top (the arch) symbolizes the value of an education that reaches out to all people. In its primary, positive form the windows and doors in the center of the logo mark's façade are aglow with light. It symbolizes "inviting" spaces teeming with academic life.

It is the task of the Lehman College staff to bring this new identity system to life and to maintain its integrity by applying it consistently throughout all communications.

Download the entire Graphic Identity Guidelines:

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List of Available Logos:

For questions regarding the Lehman College identity standards or to receive EPS files of the Lehman signature for specific projects, publications, or websites, please contact:

  • Lehman College
    Office of Media Relations and Publications
    250 Bedford Park Blvd West
    Bronx, NY 10488
    718-960-8082 (publication use)
    718-960-8745 (website use)

To obtain fonts, contact:

  • John Dono

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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