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Chair: Marie C. Marianetti (Carman Hall, Room 202B)

Graduate Adviser: Evelyn Ackerman (Carman Hall, Room 296)

Department Faculty: Distinguished Professor: Joseph W. Dauben; Professors: Evelyn B. Ackerman, Timothy Alborn, Jose Luis Rénique; Associate Professors: Martin J. Burke, Dina Le Gall, Marie C. Marianetti, Andrew W. Robertson, Duane Tananbaum; Assistant Professors: Cindy Lobel, Robyn C. Spencer, William Wooldridge, Amanda Wunder; Lecturer: Robert T. Valentine

The Department of History offers a Master of Arts degree in History that is intended primarily for students who anticipate that the master's degree will be their highest earned degree. The course of study is designed to offer an introduction to the professional study of history and to provide mastery of a broad area of history. In addition, the Department offers courses designed to meet the needs of students in the programs for Middle and High School Teachers of Social Studies and for Elementary School Teachers. Students with a specialization in History (see Program for Middle and High School Teachers of Social Studies) should consult the Department chair early in their course of studies.

Last modified: 8/4/2015