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Advanced Educational Leadership/District Leader Extension Program Overview

The following is a listing, by semester, of the courses that comprise the Advanced Educational Leadership/District Leader Extension Program leading to an Advanced Certificate in Educational Leadership and a Professional Certificate as a School District Leader. The Advanced Certificate can be completed in approximately 2-3 semesters.

Note: Registration for all courses requires Departmental approval. Most courses require that students participate in six hours of leadership experiences in schools and/or districts, over the course of the semester, in addition to EDL 721.

Semester I (fall): (6 credits)

(The following courses are corequisites and prerequisites for all other courses in this program:)

EDL 712: Leading an Effective School District (3 hours, 3 credits)

EDL 716: Educational Governance, Policy, and Law (3 hours, 3 credits)

Semester II (spring): (6 credits)

EDL 717: Finance, Operations, and Human Resource Management (3 hours, 3 credits)

EDL 721: The Leadership Experience-District/Extension (internship/seminar-200 hours, 3 credits)

(Students who have not completed any leadership internship courses at Lehman College will be required to complete 400 hours (6 credits)of district-level leadership experiences. Therefore, these students will be required to register for EDL 721, again, in Summer I.)

Last modified: 8/4/2015