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Advanced Educational Leadership/District Leader Extension Program Graduation Requirements
  1. Completion of *12-15 approved graduate credits of study in educational leadership;
  2. A minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 (B);
  3. Successful completion of *200-400 internship hours; and
  4. Submission of the culminating electronic program portfolio in EDL 721 (The Leadership Experience/District Extension).

*(Students who have not completed any leadership internship courses at Lehman College will be required to complete 400 hours (6 credits) of district-level leadership experiences. Therefore, these students will be required to graduate with 15 credits and 400 internship hours.)

The New York State Education Department has made passing the New York State Education Leadership Assessment in SDL a condition of program completion (for SDL programs only as per State regulations). A student enrolled in the Advanced Educational Leadership/District Leader Extension Program leading to SDL certification who does not pass the SDL assessment can enter what the State has termed a "companion program," whereby the student can still receive the Advanced Certificate but will not be eligible for SDL certification at that time. The companion program has the same admission requirements, curriculum, and graduation requirements; however, students who do not pass the SDL assessment will not receive New York State SDL certification.

Last modified: 8/4/2015