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EDE 753: Learning and Teaching Mathematics and Art in Childhood Settings—Grades 1 to 6.

6 hours, 6 credits. Exploration of the diverse ways in which children develop an understanding of mathematical concepts and the appreciation of art in family, neighborhood, and school settings. Study of approaches to mathematics assessment and documentation of children's development in mathematics and art to insure the continuous development of problem-solving processes and expression of ideas in both mathematics and art. Construction of meaning through instructional opportunities that support the intellectual and social development of diverse learners, using appropriate tools from media and technology, concrete materials, drawings, and diagrams, analogy, and modeling. Course requires fieldwork with children in childhood settings with diverse populations, action research, and the development of an academic portfolio. PREREQ: Competency Area I and Step 2. No student can receive credit for both EDE 753 and EDC 732.

Last modified: 8/4/2015