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EDS 718: Culminating Master's Project.

3 hours, 3 credits. A case study of a culturally and linguistically diverse learner with mild to moderate learning and behavior problems in an inclusive classroom setting from the social, educational, and psychological perspectives. Master's candidates, using print and electronic sources, will be required to review pertinent literature, research methodology, and teaching techniques in order to design and implement a specialized instructional program under supervision and to evaluate outcomes. Students will explore disseminating their case-study findings via journals, electronic sources, conferences, etc. A videotaped lesson of this specialized instructional program integrated within an inclusive classroom must be submitted for evaluation to satisfy one of the requirements for this course. (45 hours Supervised Practicum Teaching at appropriate developmental level required.) PREREQ: EDS 706, or EDS 711 or EDS 717; COREQ: EDS 715.

Last modified: 8/4/2015