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EDS 703: Practicum in Behavioral Assessment and Management of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young Children with Special Needs.

3 hours, 3 credits. This supervised practicum focuses on the use of formal and informal behavior assessment practices with culturally and linguistically diverse young children with special needs in inclusive classrooms, the development of appropriate I.F.S.P. and I.E.P. goals in relation to behavioral assessment, the application of behavioral principles of classroom management to inclusive classrooms, and the specific steps and data collection procedures needed to implement a behavior change process with young children. (45 hours Supervised Practicum Teaching: Birth-2 years and/or children 3-5 and/or children 6-8 required.) PREREQ: EDS 701 and EDS 702; COREQ: EDS 743 and permission of the adviser.

Last modified: 8/4/2015