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Degree Requirements and Policies

To earn a Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Science in Education, Master of Social Work, Master of Public Health, Master of Arts in Teaching, or Master of Fine Arts degree, a student must:

  • Be formally admitted to a master's degree program. Students cannot be matriculated simultaneously in more than one master's degree program at Lehman College. See Dual Graduate Program Matriculation.
  • Complete no fewer than 30 credits of graduate courses that are acceptable to the department of specialization.
  • Maintain a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0.
  • In most programs, write a thesis based on independent research, complete an appropriate special project, and/or pass a comprehensive examination. Departmental requirements are outlined elsewhere in this bulletin.
  • Complete all requirements for the degree within five years following matriculation.
  • Complete all departmental requirements for the degree.


Graduate students cannot be simultaneously matriculated in the following: Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Science in Education, Master of Social Work, Master of Public Health, Master of Arts in Teaching, or Master of Fine Arts degree programs. After completion of a first master's degree at Lehman, students must contact the Office of Graduate Admissions if they wish to begin a second master's degree program.

Graduate students may pursue a certificate or extension program while completing a master's degree program if the student adheres to the admissions requirements for that certificate or extension program. If a student is already matriculated in a master's degree and would like to add a certificate program during their course of study, they must fill out a Change in Graduate Curriculum form, located in the Office of Graduate Studies.

Graduate students matriculated in both a master's degree and an advanced certificate simultaneously may have course curriculum that overlaps. In this instance, courses may be used to satisfy both programs.


Currently enrolled graduate students and non-registered active graduate students who wish to change to, or change between, master's and certificate programs, must complete a Change in Graduate Curriculum form located in the Office of Graduate Studies. This form is also used to add a second program (official joint, concurrent, certificate, or extension program).

The form must be signed by both the previous program and new program advisor(s). The Office of International Student Services must also sign for international graduate students. The completed form must arrive in the Office of the Registrar at least two weeks prior to the start of classes for which the change is requested; however, many programs have earlier admission deadlines. Graduate students are required to understand and adhere to specific department guidelines for admission.

Students should meet with the academic advisor of the new program to discuss course curriculum, procedures, deadlines, and required credentials before submitting the completed form to the Office of the Registrar.

Last modified: 8/4/2015