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EDC 795: Student Teaching/Internship Seminar.

3 hours, 3 credits. A weekly forum for students to analyze teaching practices through the use of a variety of assessments as a form of evaluation. Development of the ability to problem solve, to consider flexible and varied interactions with diverse children, and to reflect in order to support students development as competent, qualified, caring, and ethical  professionals. Examination of the purpose and meaning of teaching through analysis and discussion of students own teaching experiences, such as concerns, fears, and views within a safe, supportive environment, as well as others' contributions made to the profession. Development of a professional portfolio. Required state certification student teaching assessments supported through the course. This is a credit-bearing course that will use a Pass/No Pass grading basis. PREREQ: Successful completion of foundation courses and 12 credits of methods courses. COREQ: EDC 756, EDC 790, EDC 781 or EDC 784.

Last modified: 8/4/2015