Golden Key Lehman Chapter


Officer Positions

President (Required)

  • Organize, plan, and lead to ensure the perpetuation and overall success of the chapter.
  • Work with the Chapter Adviser to plan a calendar of activities for the upcoming year.
  • Plan regular meetings and prepare agendas for the officers; delegate responsibilities as necessary.
  • Plan meetings and prepare agendas for a general chapter meeting at least once per semester or per term.
  • Coordinate the planning and the implementation of the New Member Recognition Event.
  • Meet with the other officers and the Chapter Advisor to select new Honorary Members.
  • Ensure that the chapter meets minimum Chapter Standards and achieves the chapter’s targeted performance level.

Vice President

  • Fulfill President’s duties in the absence of the President and assists President in the completion of duties as needed.
  • Coordinate executive board and committees to promote awareness of Golden Key on campus with key constituencies (members, Honorary Members & campus VIPs, prospective members) – particularly targeting eligible students during the annual Membership Drive.
  • Ensure that the chapter meets minimum Chapter Standards and achieves the chapter’s targeted performance level.


  • Manage all financial transactions of the chapter with guidance from the chapter Advisor.
  • Receive and distribute chapter funds.
  • Work with the President and Advisor to prepare an accurate budget for the chapter within one month of the new academic year.
  • Balance the chapter account and report to the chapter and Advisor at least once a month.

Recording Secretary

  • Record and prepare the minutes of each executive board and chapter meeting to distribute to chapter leaders, Adviser(s) and appropriate Golden Key staff (minutes to the AD can be submitted in a batch every month by the corresponding secretary).
  • Prepare and deliver the New Member Recognition Ceremony invitations to the administrators and faculty.
  • Mail all the new member joining forms and fees, which may have been hand delivered to the Adviser's office, to the International Headquarters by the membership deadline. 
  • Serve as chapter archivist with the assistance of the Chapter Advisor (unless there is a historian).

Corresponding Secretary

  • Distribute messages from the Chapter Advisor, the Chapter President or other officers to all chapter members.
  • Compose and send any chapter correspondence to university administrators and faculty, members, Honorary Members, alumni, campus student organizations, etc.
  • Prepare and mail correspondence to International Headquarters.
  • Send Advisor and Officer Profile Forms when new officers and Advisers begin terms and any time any contact information changes.

Vice President for Membership Communication

  • Coordinate and implement initiatives to reach current and potential members.
  • Promote meetings and activities to the membership and campus-at-large.

Vice President for Membership Recruitment

  • Coordinate and implement a first-year student recognition program or year-long campaign focused on making first-year students aware of Golden Key’s benefits.
  • Promote Golden Key opportunities and benefits to non-members through information and advertising, i.e. book spaces for student organization fairs, flyer residence halls, etc.


  • Oversee the completion of Activity Reports and Semi-Annual Reports.
  • Obtain and organize important chapter documents and organize for the chapter’s future reference.
  • Take pictures to include on the local chapter’s independent website or in local publicity materials.

Literacy Service Director

  • Investigate volunteer programs that represent a long term literacy-focused commitment.
  • Plan and coordinate two literacy-focused service activities throughout the year.
  • Coordinate a service committee and call committee meetings as necessary.

Outreach Liason

  • Investigate member interest in non-education service opportunities.
  • Network and partner with other student organizations with programs and activities.

Social Director

  • Plan and coordinate at least one social activity for chapter members per semester/term.
  • Coordinate the social committee and call committee meetings as necessary.

Alumni Director

  • Plan and coordinate efforts to get alumni to update records and stay involved with the chapter.
  • Prepare and send chapter updates to alumni members throughout the year.
  • Prepare and send invitations for the New Member Recognition Event and other events to all area alumni. 

Public Relations / Awareness Director

  • Coordinate all publicity for chapter activities and events in cooperation with the vice president.
  • Maintain good relations with campus and local newspapers and radio stations. Set up interviews as needed.
  • Place ads and public service announcements in local media.
  • Write and submit press releases for important chapter activities.
  • Explore any creative methods of advertising or publicity to increase awareness about Golden Key.

Fund-raising Director

  • Investigate sources of local funding and coordinate activities. Aim to raise at least $1,000 within the term of office.
  • Coordinate the fund-raising committee and call committee meetings as necessary.
  • Recruit fund-raising volunteers from the chapter.

Honorary Member and Campus Officials Liasion

  • Prepare and send chapter updates to Honorary Members throughout the year.
  • Inform Honorary Members and campus officials about Membership Drive initiatives.
  • Prepare and send invitations for the New Member Recognition event and other events to Honorary Members and important campus administrators. Follow-up with a personal phone call.
  • Ensure Honorary Member contact at least once per quarter. Plan and coordinate at least one Honorary Member activity per semester/term (Honorary Member meal with members; wine and cheese social; guest speakers, etc.).


  • Update and maintain the local Golden Key web page.
  • Make sure the web page is linked to the Golden Key site –
  • Ensure that your chapter’s information is correct and current on the Chapter Directory of
  • Maintain chapter’s MyGK page

Newsletter Editor

  • Create and edit chapter newsletter at least once per semester.  The newsletter can be a web-based publication.
  • Write and/or solicit articles for the newsletter.
  • Ensure distribution of the newsletter to members, faculty, staff and your Golden Key Associate Director.

Last modified: Dec 8, 2011

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