Golden Key Lehman Chapter

Membership Requirements

What are the requirements for membership?

  • Top 15% of college/university sophomores, juniors, and seniors meeting GPA requirements
  • Second and third year college/university students (depending on your programme)
  • Top performing U.S. graduate school students

Will I continue to receive benefits after graduation?

Yes, the following benefits will remain available to members after graduating with their undergraduate degree:

  • A number of scholarship programs including the $10,000 (USD) scholarships to fund graduate school, law school or medical school. Please see scholarship listing for eligibility and requirements.
  • Golden Key will continue to stay in touch with you after your graduation to remind you of member benefits. Just remember to update your contact information with Golden Key at least once a year online.
  • Some members who have graduated continue to remain involved with the local university’s Golden Key chapter (regardless of where you were inducted).
  • Golden Key alumni members are eligible for other select member discounts and promotions after graduation.

What happens if my cumulative GPA/ academic percentage average drops after I join?

Once you become a member, your membership will not be withdrawn due to grade changes.

Last modified: Dec 8, 2011

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