Gen Ed at Lehman

Writing Intensive Course Requirements

All students at Lehman are required to take courses with Writing Intensive sections.  Many different courses have sections labeled Writing Intensive.  These sections are taught with an emphasis on developing the writing, thinking and communication skills that are essential to a college education. 

A Writing Intensive section is identified by the "W" at the end of the section number.  For example, in the course POL 220, section J302W is Writing Intensive.  These course sections change from semester to semester: the Schedule of Classes will indicate the Writing Intensive sections.

The number of Writing Intensive sections required depends on whether the student has transferred to Lehman or came as a freshman.

DISTRIBUTION courses frequently have Writing Intensive sections.  Many of the popular major concentrations have Writing Intensive sections in intermediate or advanced courses required for the major.  Writing Intensive sections in these major courses are often taken by students to meet the fourth Writing Intensive course requirement.

For more information on the role of writing in teaching and learning, see the Writing Across the Curriculum website: Click here for information on WAC.

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