Gen Ed at Lehman

STEM Variants (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

STEM Variants are what the CUNY 2013 Gen Ed calls a number of courses that are Mathematics and Natural Sciences courses in the Lehman 2002 Gen Ed.

The STEM Variants will satisfy CUNY 2013 Gen Ed requirements either in (a) FOUNDATION Quantitative and Mathematical Reasoning, or in (b) FOUNDATION Lab Science (Life and Physical Science) or DISTRIBUTION Scientific World.

Variants for FOUNDATION courses in Quantitative and Mathematical Reasoning:

MAT 132    Introduction to Statistics
MAT 171    Problem Solving for Management, Economics and Life Sciences
MAT 172    Precalculus
MAT 174    Elements of Calculus
MAT 175    Calculus I
MAT 176    Calculus II

The Variants below may satisfy either the FOUNDATION Lab Science (Life and Physical Science) or the DISTRIBUTION Scientific World requirements (whichever best suits the student's needs):

ANT 171    Introduction to Human Evolution
ANT 269    Introduction to Human Variation
BIO 166    Introduction to Organismic Biology
BIO 167    Principles of Biology: Cells & Genes
BIO 181    Anatomy & Physiology, I
BIO 182    Anatomy & Physiology, II
BIO 183    Human Biology
CHE 114-115    Essentials of General Chemistry
CHE 166    General Chemistry I
CHE 167    General Chemistry Lab I
CHE 168    General Chemistry II
CHE 169    General Chemistry Lab II
GEO 101    Dynamic Earth
GEO 167    Evolution of the Earth
GEP 204    Basic Mapping: Applications & Analysis
PHY 135    Fundamental Concepts and Methods of Physics
PHY 166    General Physics I
PHY 167    General Physics II
PHY 168    Introductory Physics I
PHY 169    Introductory Physics II

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