Gen Ed at Lehman



Students who are currently enrolled at Lehman and who are fulfilling the Lehman pre-2013 Gen Ed Program requirements may elect to change to the new CUNY 2013 Gen Ed Program requirements.

Is the New CUNY 2013 Gen Ed Program for you?

Will you reduce the time and/or credits needed for graduation?

Will the New CUNY 2013 Gen Ed Program save you time and money?

Follow these steps to decided if you should choose the new CUNY Gen Ed:

You can make the decision to "opt in" only once: your decision to choose the new CUNY 2013 Gen Ed requirements is final and cannot be changed.  

Within your CUNYfirst account, you will be asked to accept the following opt-in declaration:

Students who opt-in to Pathways are subject to the following terms:

•    Changing to Pathways will change the existing degree requirements need to obtain an Undergraduate degree.

•    Changing to Pathways will require students to take Pathways approved courses.

•    Changing to Pathways may require students to take additional credits, which may extend the anticipated graduation date.

•    Changing to Pathways may cause previously completed general education coursework to NOT count towards general education Pathways requirements.

•    Once a Pathways requirement is completed, this requirement is also considered fulfilled upon transfer to any other CUNY college.

•    Due to the change of general education requirement under Pathways, a student’s eligibility to receive Federal and State Financial Aid may be affected.

•    Students who decline to Opt-In to Pathways will still be required to fulfill Pathways requirements at all other CUNY colleges upon transfer.

•    Pathways ensure courses successfully completed for credit transfer to any other CUNY college; however, students must still meet transfer admission requirements to be accepted to specific CUNY programs and colleges.

After reading the above stated terms and with consultation of an academic advisor, I hereby accept and agree to OPT-IN to Pathways  I understand that once I opt-in, I cannot reverse this decision and must complete the new Pathways requirements and major curricula requirements to earn a CUNY degree.

▢    Yes, I choose to Opt-In to Pathways

By selecting Yes, I understand that my Catalog Requirement Term will change

▢    No, I choose to follow my current Catalog Requirements

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