Gen Ed at Lehman

Non-CUNY Students - Pathways for Transfers

If you are entering Lehman with credits earned at a nationally accredited college or university outside CUNY, then the evaluation of your transcript(s) will determine how many of the CUNY 2013 Gen Ed requirements you have already fulfilled.  Note that the nature of some requirements may depend on how many credits you transfer into Lehman.

The requirements for non-CUNY students (transfer from colleges or universities outside CUNY) who:    
Transfer with an Associate's Degree (AA, AS, AAS):

Transfer from a Community College, and    
    With 30 credits or more:    

    With fewer than 30 credits:

Transfer from a Senior College, and    
    With 60 credits or more:    

    With 30 or more credits but fewer than 60:

    With fewer than 30 Credits: