Gen Ed at Lehman

Freshman Year Initiative: Sample Course Programs

In their first semester at Lehman all full-time freshmen will study together in learning communities, which are pre-arranged "blocks" of courses.  All of the first semester communities will take English Composition I (ENG111), a math course, and three more Foundation and/or Distribution courses. 

Learning communities designed for students interested in medicine offer a lab science, for students interested in business include an economics course, for students interested in nursing have a biology course, for students interested in global studies include foreign language.  The other learning communities will provide a variety of courses, all of which include Foundation and Distribution Courses.

The following "maps" show what kinds of courses are included, according to this coloring scheme:

CUNY 2013 Gen Ed @ Lehman:
6 courses   Foundation
6 courses   Distribution
2 courses   Integration

Major   Variable number of courses
Minor   Usually 12-18 courses
Elective [               ] Remaining to make 120 total

Here are some examples of how courses schedules are created in the CUNY 2013 Gen Ed Program, beginning with the first and second semester of FYI, and continuing through sophomore (second) year and junior (third) year:

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