Gen Ed at Lehman

How Do the Old and New DISTRIBUTIONS Compare?

The Lehman 2002 Gen Ed Distribution Areas and the CUNY 2013 Gen Ed DISTRIBUTION contain almost the same courses.  However, there are 7 Distribution Areas in the Lehman 2002 Gen Ed (excluding the Natural Science courses) and 5 DISTRIBUTION courses in the CUNY 2013 Gen Ed (of which 1 is a non-lab science, and among which students choose 6 courses).

The new CUNY 2013 Gen Ed has generally combined the 7 Distribution Areas into 4.  This means that two courses in different 2002 Distribution Areas may find themselves in one DISTRIBUTION category in the CUNY 2013 Gen Ed.  This can make comparing the 2002 and the 2013 Gen Ed models seem complex at times.

To help you understand where to find the courses in the Lehman 2002 Gen Ed in the CUNY 2013 Gen Ed, you may find this chart helpful:

Lehman 2002 Distribution Courses Compared to CUNY 2013 Distribution (Common Core)
Highlighted = Not in 2013 Distribution (Common Core)  
2002 Distribution Areas & Natural Science CUNY 2013 Distribution  
I. Individual and Society (Common Core)  
  AAS (WST) 239: Black Women in American Society US AAS (WST) 239  
  ANT (WST) 206: Anthropological Perspectives: Women and Men IS ANT (WST) 206  
  LAC 231/LPR 242: Latinos in the United States US LAC 231/PRS 242  
  LAC 232 Family and Gender Relations among Latinos US LAC 232  
  LNG 150: The Phenomena of Language      
  POL 217: Criminal Justice US POL 217  
  POL 230: Immigration and Citizenship US POL 230 CUNY 2012 DISTRIBUTION AREAS
  PSY 166: General Psychology IS PSY 166 WC = World Cultures and Global Issues
  SOC 166: Fundamentals of Sociology     US = US Experience in Its Diversity
II. Socio-Political Structures CE = Creative Expression
  AAS (HIS) 248: African History     IS = Individual and Society
  AAS 166: Intro. To African and African American Studies WC AAS 166 SW = Scientific World
  AAS 225: The Contemporary Urban Community WC AAS 225 VAR = STEM Variant
  ANT 211: Cultural Anthropology IS ANT 211  
  ECO 166: Intro. To Macroeconomics. IS ECO 166  
  GEH 101: An Intro. to Geography WC GEH 101  
  ENV/GEH 235: Conservation of the Environment SW ENV (GEH) 235  
  GEP 204: Basic Mapping: Applications and Analysis VAR GEP 204  
  ENV 210: Intro. To Environmental Science SW ENV 210  
  POL 150: Contemporary Political Issues IS POL 150  
  POL 166: American Political System US POL 166  
  POL 211: Public Policy US POL 211  
III. Literature
  AAS (LAC) 241: Literature of the English and Francophone Caribbean CE AAS (LAC) 241  
  AAS 242: African Literature CE AAS 242  
  AAS 267: African American Literature CE AAS 267  
  ENG (WST) 234: Women in Literature CE ENG (WST) 234  
  ENG 222: Literary Genres CE ENG 222  
  ENG 223: English Literature CE ENG 223  
  ENG 226: Shakespeare CE ENG 226  
  ENG 227: American Literature CE ENG 227  
  ENG 229: Contemporary Urban Writers CE ENG 229  
  ENG 260: American Minority Literature      
  FRE 232: Francophone World in Translation      
  IDW (CLT) 211: Classics of the Western World: Ancient & Medieval CE IDW CLT) 211  
  IDW (CLT) 212: Classics of the Western World II: Renaissance & Modern CE IDW CLT) 212  
  IDW(CLT) 213: Classics of the Asian World      
  LAC (LPR) 214: Literature of the Caribbean CE LAC (LPR) 214  
  SPA (LAC ) 233: Latin American Lit. in Translation CE LAC (SPA) 233  
IV. The Arts
  AAS 266:Contemporary Black Music CE AAS 266  
  ARH 135: Introduction to the History of Asian Art-Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu Cultures CE ARH 135  
  ARH 137Introduction to the History of Non-Western Art CE ARH 137  
  ARH 141 Introduction to the History of Modern Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries in Europe and the U.S. CE ARH 141  
  ARH 167: Tradition and Innovation in Art of the West CE ARH 167  
  ART 109: Observation and Visual Experience CE ART 109  
  ART 110: Elements of Visual Communication      
  DNC 235: Dance Perspectives CE DNC 235  
  HUM 250: The City & the Theatre      
  MMJ (MMS) 217 Journalism in the Movies      
  MMS 213: History of the Cinema      
  MSH 114: Intro. to Music CE MSH 114  
  THE 241: The Art of the Theatre CE THE 241  
  THE 243: Queer Theatre      
V. Comparative Culture
  AAS (LAC) 235: Caribbean Societies WC AAS (LAC) 235  
  AAS (WST) 240: Women In African Society WC AAS (WST) 240  
  AAS 232: African Civilizations WC AAS 232  
  ANT (WST)(LAC) 210: Women in Latin America WC ANT(LAC, WST) 210  
  ANT 230-238: Selected Studies in Society and Culture      
  ANT(LAC) 238: Latin America WC ANT (LAC) 238  
  GEH 240: Urban Geography      
  HIS 240: East Asian Civilization WC HIS 240  
  HIS (MES) 249 Islamic Civilization WC HIS (MES) 249  
  IAS 250 (ANT/SOC 250): The Italian-American Community      
  MES 245: Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies WC MES 245  
  MLJ 211: Intro to Multilingual Media      
  POL (RUS) 220: Russia Today WC POL(RUS) 220  
  POL 266: Politics and Culture WC POL 266  
  LPR 213: Puerto Rican Culture WC LPR 213  
  WST 220: Introduction to Women’s Studies WC WST 220  
VI. Historical Studies
  AAS (HIS) 245: History of African-Americans US AAS (HIS) 245  
  ANT 212: Ancient Peoples and Cultures SW ANT 212  
  HIS 241: Modern Western Civilization 17-19th Century WC HIS 241  
  HIS 242: Contemporary European History WC HIS 242  
  HIS 243: The Foundation of the U.S. US HIS 243  
  HIS 244: Modern United States History US HIS 244  
  HIS 246: Civilizations of the Ancient World WC HIS 246  
  HIS 247: Medieval Civilization WC HIS 247  
  HIS 250: Understanding History: Selected Topics      
  LAC(HIS) 266: Intro. Latin America & The Caribbean I WC HIS (LAC) 266  
  LAC(HIS) 267: Intro. Latin America & The Caribbean II WC HIS (LAC) 267  
  POL 241: Globalization WC POL 241  
  LPR(HIS) 212: History of Puerto Rico WC LPR (HIS) 212  
VII. Knowledge, Self and Values
  AAS (PHI) 269: Intro. To African Philosophy      
  ACU 266: Classical Myth and the Human Condition      
  AMS 111: American Culture: Value & Traditions US AMS 111  
  PHI 169: Critical Reasoning SW PHI 169  
  PHI 170: Intro. to Logic SW PHI 170  
  PHI 171: Problems of Philosophy IS PHI 171  
  PHI 172: Contemporary Moral Issues IS PHI 172  
  PHI 173: Justice and Society      
  PHI 174: Theories of Human Nature IS PHI 174  
  PHI 175: Philosophy of Religion      
  PHI 177 Philosophy of Contemporary Music      
  POL 172: Great Political Thinkers IS POL 172  
Natural Sciences
  ANT 171: Intro. to Human Evolution VAR ANT 171  
  ANT 269: Intro. to Human Variation VAR ANT 269  
  AST 117: Astronomy of Stellar Systems      
  AST 136: Astronomy of Solar Systems      
  BIO 166: Intro. to Organismic Biology VAR BIO 166  
  BIO 167: Principles of Biology: Cells and Genes VAR BIO 167  
  BIO 183: Human Biology VAR BIO 183  
  BIO 184: Plants and People      
  CHE 114/5: Essentials of General Chemistry VAR CHE 114-115  
  CHE 136: Elements of Chemistry      
  CHE 166/167: General Chemistry VAR CHE 166/167  
  GEO 101: Physical Geology VAR GEO 101  
  GEO 166: Processes of Global Change      
  GEO 167: Evolution of the Earth VAR GEO 167  
  GEP 228: Weather and Climate SW GEP (GEO) 228  
  PHY 135: Fund. Concepts and Methods of Physics VAR PHY 135  
  PHY 140: The Physics of Sound      
  PHY 150: Energy and the Environment      
    Courses Not in 2002 Distribution Areas or Natural Science
  LPS = Life and Physical Sciences (Foundation/Required Core) LPS PHY 131 Conceptual Physics
    LPS PHY 141 Sound, Speech and Music
    LPS PHY 151 Energy and the Environment
    WC POL 240 International Politics
    WC POL 268 Intro. To Comparative Politics
    US AAS (WST) 228 African American Family
    US LPR 269 History of U.S. Latinos
    US POL (LPR) 234 Latino Politics
    CE AAS (THE) 238 African American Theatre
    CE AAS 213 African American Art
    CE ARH 143 Latin American Art
    CE MSH 115 World Music
    CE MSH 245 American Musical Tradition
    IS ECO 167 Micro Economics
    IS POL 229 Classical Political Economy
    IS SOC (WST) 227 Sociology of the Family
    SW ANT 120 Human Evolutionary Biology
    SW AST 101 Introduction to Astronomy
    SW CHE 138** Elements of Chemistry II
    SW HIS 239 History of Science
    SW PSY 165 Critical Thinking in Psychology
    VAR BIO 181 Anatomy & Physiology, I
    VAR BIO 182 Anatomy & Physiology, II
    VAR CHE 168 General Chemistry II
    VAR CHE 169 General Chemistry Lab II
    VAR PHY 166 General Physics I
    VAR PHY 167 General Physics II
    VAR PHY 168 Introductory Physics I
    VAR PHY 169 Introductory Physics II