This page contains tips and links related to online courses at Lehman College. To see this material in its original context, visit the Lehman Online Orientation flash website. You can also download or print a pdf version of this page.


I'm registered. Now what?

Before the semester, make sure you can...

Log in to Blackboard. You'll need a CUNY Portal username and password. If you've never entered the system before, you must first activate your account.

Courses don't become visible in Blackboard until instructors activate them, so you may not see your course listed right away. Wait until the day after you register for a course, as it may not appear in Blackboard for 24 hours.

Access your Lehman e-mail account. This is the address configured for you in Blackboard. Most professors will use this address by default when initiating communication with students.

Take care of both these logon issues early to avoid frustration and delays at the start of the semester. For assistance, contact the IT Center Help Desk, Carman 108, 718-960-1111.


Once the semester begins...

Attend your initial course meeting.

If your course won't be holding a meeting, log in at the beginning of the semester or contact your professor by e-mail.

Read carefully all course information, including the syllabus.

Plan your schedule. Figure out how to make your online coursework fit into your schedule. Block out at least nine hours a week for a three-credit course.



How can I Succeed?

Keep on track.

Take note of all deadlines and turn all work in on time. Online courses move quickly, and it can be very hard, if not impossible, to catch up if you fall behind.


Manage your time wisely. Online courses are demanding. You will likely find you’re doing more reading and especially more writing than in other classes.

Start early.

Don't procrastinate about getting started on assignments, and seek feedback from your instructor if you're not sure you're headed in the right direction. If you don’t have much recent experience writing formal academic papers, you'll probably have to put in some extra effort and ask some questions in order to get it right.

Be aware.

Understand what plagiarism is, and don’t let it happen. As your performance in your online course is evaluated almost entirely through your writing, it is critical you completely understand this issue.

Speak up.

Contact your instructor right away if you're having problems. It is very difficult for instructors to help a student once he or she has fallen behind.

Get help.

The Academic Support Center offers free tutoring services, including assistance with the writing process. The earlier in the semester you seek help, the more you'll benefit. Let your instructor know that you're working with a tutor; he or she may be able to suggest areas where you should focus your attention.

Be resourceful.

Take advantage of the various online resources available to you. A few are listed here. Bookmark these sites, and return to them often.

Lehman College Library

Access online catalogs (CUNY+, Worldcat), full-text databases such as JSTOR and Academic Search Premier, electronic resources like the Oxford English Dictionary and Brittanica Online, information on conducting research, and much more.

CUNY WriteSite

A broad array of resources, including step-by-step advice on how to carry out writing projects.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Another place to go for guidance on the writing process. This site from Perdue University also includes information on MLA and APA style.