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Lehman College

Dietetic Internship Program

Academic Requirements

Students who wish to apply to the Dietetic Internship Program must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in their DPD courses or overall. If accepted into the Dietetic Internship Program at Lehman College, prospective interns are required to take four corequisite graduate courses during the Dietetic Internship, unless they have previously taken equivalent graduate courses. Each intern is required to take at least two of these courses at Lehman College. DFN 651 must be taken at Lehman College. Interns must gain a B or better in each course. The courses are as follows:

  • DFN 651: Clinical Nutrition. 45 hours, 3 credits. The assessment and management of nutritional problems encountered in patients in acute and chronic care settings are discussed using the nutrition care process. Includes an exploration of the scientific basis for current techniques and approaches in clinical nutrition based on medical nutrition therapy.
  • DFN 641: Community and Public Health Nutrition. 45 hours, 3 credits. The relationship of diet to health promotion and disease prevention. The role of public, private, and voluntary organizations in providing nutrition care services for ambulatory populations. Techniques for developing, funding, implementing, and evaluating projects in the community.
  • DFN 661:Food Service Management. 45 hours, 3 credits. Management theory with application to the food service industry. Emphasis on the management of human and financial resources, the practice of optimal standards of safety, sanitation, and nutrition, and the role of the computer as a management tool.
  • HEA 620: Health Counseling. 45 hours, 3 credits. An introduction to health counseling and behavior change is provided, with an overview of leading health problems of interest. Theoretical approaches to behavior change are examined. Basic counseling skills for helping people with behavior change will be acquired.
  • DFN 730: Supervised Preprofessional Practice. 45 hours, 3 credits per semester for a minimum of three semesters. A minimum of 400 hours per semester of supervised preprofessional practice at affiliated health care, management and community sites. COREQ: DFN 731.
  • DFN 731: Concepts and Methods of Dietetic Practice. 45 hours, 3 credits per semester for a minimum of 3 semesters. This course comprises the theories, methods, and concepts of dietetic practice that will be required to master the competencies during the internship. Included are methods of community and individual assessment, theories, and practice of planning; theories and models of education and lesson plan development; outcomes analysis, evaluation methods and reimbursement practices in healthcare. COREQ: DFN 730.

Successful completion of didactic and supervised practice requirements of the Dietetic Internship enables interns to take the Registration Examination to become a Registered Dietitian (RD Test).

After passing the RD test, registered dietitians may apply to the New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions, to become a Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist in the State of New York.