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Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Graduate Center Skylight Room (9th Floor) 365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street.Cosponsored with the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies.

Reading with David Bacon for his new book The Right to Stay Home: How US Policy Drives Mexican Migration. The book offers a combination of Bacon?s geopolitical analysis and his reporting of migrants? stories and experiences, in their own words, as Bacon examines how the decision for immigrations to leave their homelands is rarely a voluntary one. He deconstructs the forces?free-trade agreements, economic policies, poverty, environmental destruction?that over recent decades have only exacerbated and reinforced wealth disparity and social inequality, making it impossible for people to stay in their indigenous communities.

Yet, as he shows, after immigrants do uproot and resettle in the U.S., they face a new sort of marginalization: the steep criminalization of immigration in the U.S. that has only sharpened in recent years .He also examines how guest-worker programs, which are increasingly popular in the U.S., are structurally exploitative. As he explains the forces that drive migrants from Mexico and the conditions that constrict them where they resettle, Bacon presents reform-minded ideas with the goal of a world where migration isn?t forced?rather, a world where people are guaranteed ?the right to stay home.?


Virtual Seminar on Mexican Migration: A Collaboration between CUNY and BUAP (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla)

In 2012-13 we offered an exciting monthly seminar on Mexican migration. Stay tuned for 2013-14 plans!



Date and Location
Virtual Webinar Site
Oct. 3 - Graduate Center BUAP
Robert C. Smith, Baruch College and The Graduate Center "Inmigración, Instituciones Americanas y la Segunda Generación"
Oct 31 - Graduate Center BUAP
Continuation of Robert Smith's presentation at12:30 PM EST, 10:30 AM (hora de México)
Nov 7 - BUAP Lehman College - Carman B83
Dra. Gloria Marroni (ICSyH), "Fronteras perversas, familias fragmentadas: el circuito Puebla-Nueva York" at 1:30 PM EST, 12:30 PM (hora de México).
Dec 5 - John Jay College BUAP
Isabel Martínez, John Jay College, Ten Leave a Day: Bracerita/os, Migration and Agency (Diez Salen Cada Día: Bracerita/os, la Migración y la Agencia)
Jan 9 - BUAP Graduate Center
Dr. Oscar Calderón Morillón (Sociología, Fac. Derecho), "Migración laboral transnacional; dos procesos migratorios contrastantes (Michoacán y Puebla)".
Feb 6 - Lehman College BUAP

Leslie Martino-Velez, Graduate Center/CUNY, "Mixtecos in the Mix: Indigenous Mexican Migration From the Montana to Manhattan (Los Mixtecos en L

a Mezcla: La Migración de Mexicanos Indígena de la Montaña a Manhattan)"

March 6 - BUAP Lehman College

Dr. Gustavo López Ángel (Sociología, Fac. Derecho), "Diversidad Religiosa y procesos de exclusión en contextos transnacionales"

April 24 - College of Staten Island BUAP

Dr. Leigh Binford (Chair of Anthropology, College of Staten Island) entitled "Mexican Guest Workers in Canada and Implications for the U.S. Immigration Debate."

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May 10- John Jay College  


Ciclo de Cine Documental/Mexican Documentary Film Festival

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