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Stephanie Stowe - Teacher

Stephanie Stowe - Instructor THE 241, has been an Adjunct Lecturer with Lehman College’s Department of Journalism, Communication and Theater (JCT) since 2005. This is her forth year teaching for Lehman's College Now program. A graduate of New Mexico State University Stephanie studied with Tony award-winning playwright and Academy Award nominated, Mark Medoff (Children of a Lesser God). Her newest play, So Comes Night is in development for a spring 2018 workshop production, and she is currently collaborating on a new musical, Good People. Acting credits include; She Stoops to Conquer, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Oedipus Rex, Speed the Plow. American Southwest Theater Company. Prelude to A Kiss. Arvada Center for Performing Arts, National Tour credits; Twelfth Night and The Miracle Worker. Commercial credits, Biolage, 1-800 Flowers, AT&T and PBS. Special thanks to the superb student actors and writers of the EZ-PRO- GEN Repertory Ensemble premiere: A Peak of Reality, and to Ginaury Vasquez, Scott Tedmon-Jones, David Gantz, Jay Gurka, Roberto Ventura, Griselda Santiago,Tracy Mejiaurena, and of course, our tech maven and goddess Amira Mustafa. Thanks everyone, you made this summer FLAWLESS!

Ginaury Vásquez - T.A

Ginaury Vásquez is thrilled to be a part of the College Now family and work with such an amazing group of ladies. Her theatre credits include What If, Off Off Broadway, In the Heights at Lehman College, County Cavity with Art Defined Productions, Price of Silence with the POS Theatre Company, Día de los Muertos, and various performances with the Children’s Theatre Company at Lehman College. She is a Lehman College alumna, where she graduated summa cum laude earning a B.A. in Theatre and Psychology. Gina is pleased to have played a part in the development of "EX•PRO•GEN CO." and couldn’t be prouder of her class.

Theresa Ashman

Theresa Ashman has always been an expressive person who felt that art was a beautiful and unique way to express herself. This is what led her to enroll in the arts class in Lehman College’s College Now Program. However, she isn’t much of a drawer so she felt like that class, though it seemed interesting, wasn’t where she belonged. As a result of this, she transferred to the theater program where she fit right in and felt at home. Despite the fact that this free spirited young woman aspires to become a general surgeon, acting has always been a hobby of hers as it is her second nature and is a part of her everyday life. Miss Ashman came to the U.S one year ago and currently attends the Bronx Compass High School on the Stevenson Campus where she is a rising junior. She’s an intelligent individual with a promising future.

Papri Bhowmik

Papri Bhowmik is a young female who attends Urban Assembly for Green Careers. She is will be turning 17 soon and is going into her last year of high school. Her favorite subjects in school are math and writing. She was on the tennis team in Louis D Brandeis campus. Papri is outgoing and loves trying new things, like trying new food or learning about different cultures. Papri has never done any theater class but she was always interested. She loves watching movies and TV shows. Her interest for the TV shows and movies led her to join the theater program in Lehman College. She took this class in hopes of understanding what actors and actresses are having to do when they are on set and learning about their roles.

Nicole Cordova

Nicole Cordova is a rising senior at Academy of American Studies in Queens. While she is not certain about what she wants to study later on in college, she was sure that she wanted to attend the Art of Theatre class that the Lehman College’s College Now Program offered. Her main reasons were to learn more about the beautiful art of theatre and to be more confident about herself and feel more comfortable when socializing with others. Moreover, she has always been interested in acting and theatre, but never had the opportunity to get involved in it. Therefore, this program has been a great experience for her and also has helped her grow as a person.

Nicole “Niki” De Jesus

Nicole “Niki” De Jesus is an ambitious actress who extremely enjoys theater down to the core. Niki was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and also has Dominican roots. Thanks to her Latin heritage and the trust she has in herself, she is not afraid to show her acting abilities to the world and show her essence on stage. She gets a thrill out of performing in front of a live audience, and has experienced it in many of her high school theater class plays. Niki is now an upcoming junior at the Bronx Compass High School in the Adlai E. Stevenson Campus in the South Bronx.

Amia Diakite

Amia Diakite is a rising senior from Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy in Riverdale. Even though she studies engineering, as a child she has always been creative, something she gets from her mother, Erica Diakite. Her creativity and curiosity along with the encouragement of her amazingly big family, has helped her to explore the many passions that she has for the Arts and Technology.  She has decided to explore her passion for acting this summer and can be best described as intelligent and multifaceted.  Being one of nine and also “the baby” of the family, she has had the pleasure of absorbing all the love from her family and learning a lot from her older siblings.

Shannon Dupie

Shannon Dupie is a rising senior at Collegiate Institute for Math and Science on the Christopher Columbus campus in the Bronx. She aspires to major in English and possibly minor in acting. Having previous acting experience in her school's theater program, she took this course to further her knowledge in the performing arts, strengthen her acting, and put herself out there by meeting new people. Through this course, she was able to do so and met some wonderful young women along the way. She would like to thank her former theater teacher, her classmates, Stephanie, and Gina.

Antoinette Evans

Antoinette Evans, a young cross-country athlete, is one of the top members of her freshman and sophomore team and a big fan of Usain Bolt. She is a rising junior at Harry S. Truman High School in the Bronx. She aspires to be all that she can be and everything that she will become. She found herself in the theatre program with not only a strong-minded mother but a mother that put her in the program against her daughter’s wishes. At the end of the program, Antoinette hopes to gain some insight into how actors interact with each other on stage, and to not only focus on one career that will lead to a promising future.

Nuzhaat Faaiza

Nuzhaat Faaiza is a rising senior at Collegiate Institute for Math and Science on the Christopher Columbus Campus in the Bronx. While she was certain that she would apply to Lehman College's College Now Program, she had to decide if she would be responsible since she has problems waking up in the morning. She has never acted before, but she performs dance and dance dramas on stages. She learns Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Bangladeshi folk dances at Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA). However, dance doesn't need talking but acting does so she is very nervous. But her teachers and classmates encourage her a lot, and she is very thankful for that. Besides dance, she also likes painting, drawing and sketching. Nuzhaat lives with her parents and her younger brother, and they are planning to go on a vacation next Sunday. Her summer is going great so far.

Kailyn Lopez

Kailyn Lopez has a passion for the arts. She’s a rising junior and singer at Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music on the Walton Campus in the Bronx. She decided to take this college course with Lehman College to get more in tune with what she wants to do in life. She loves what she does and taking this theater program made her realize how comfortable she is on stage and how creative she actually is. Kailyn is a smart, bright young woman taking on the world day by day and ready for anything.

Xheni Osmenaj

Xheni Osmenaj is a rising junior at Pelham Preparatory Academy in the Bronx. When she saw that the Lehman College Now Program would be offering a theater class to high school students, she was thrilled because performing on stage for others has been something she has always wanted to do. Through this class, Xheni hopes to build up her confidence, and step out of her comfort zone in order to better her acting techniques. By the end of the program, Xheni hopes to have learned what it truly means to become a performer, and to frequently be able to go on stage and make a positive change for others. In addition, she wants to be able to connect with the audience effectively while also portraying a meaningful message. She hopes that one day, by working extremely hard, she will fulfill this desired goal.

Maisha Prima

Maisha Prima is a rising senior at Collegiate Institute for Math and Science in the Bronx. She is 17 years old. She will be graduating in 2018 preparing for college to major either in Psychology or Mathematics. She will soon be applying to colleges, which is a big step for her. She is currently enrolled in College Now for the summer theater class. She would like to experience the theater arts and how it can change her life. During her free time, she likes to binge watch TV shows. She is now finishing up the Sherlock series on Netflix. She is planning to start watching a new Korean drama. As you can tell, she loves to watch television series. She is on the bowling team at Christopher Columbus High School Campus and enjoys it very much. She loves to go to new places and understand different cultures. She lives with her parents and two siblings.

Oluwapelumi Raji-Bolaji

Oluwapelumi Raji-Bolaji, or simply Pelumi, is an inquisitive and intelligent young lady who attends the Bronxwood Preparatory Academy, and is currently enrolled in the College Now Program at Lehman College in the Theatre Arts class. She enrolled in this class in order to improve her art of communication, as she is new to the diversity of her new society. She aspires to become a lawyer or forensic scientist. In her free time, she enjoys watching Korean dramas, in hopes of becoming a fluent speaker of the language. She also enjoys reading novels, writing poems and stories about real-life experiences.

Keisha Román

Keisha Román is a rising senior at CMSP 327 in the Bronx. She's 17 years old. She started performing and dancing at a very young age. Later, she tried acting, but being still very shy she stayed behind the scenes. Keisha hopes that this acting class will get her to stop being shy and get out there to show her talents once again. She hopes in college to continue performing, while majoring in Entrepreneurship.

Lesley Septimo

Lesley Septimo is a rising senior in the Cinema School in the Bronx. She has taken Stella Adler classes which influenced her love for acting. She has attended DreamYard, a drama club in her school, and participated in several school projects to improve in acting. Her inspiration is to prove that success can be achieved at any position as well as being the role model for her younger cousins. In College Now theater class, she wants to learn to exercise her acting skills and project her voice.

Kayla Weir

Kayla Weir is a rising junior at Astor Collegiate Academy on the Christopher Columbus Campus in the Bronx.  Kayla has always enjoyed acting and the feeling it gives her to walk out on stage and be someone totally different.  She's found that only in theater is she able to truly be creative and free with her voice. So when she heard about the College Now program, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to learn more about theater and to better her craft as an actress.  Through this class Kayla has gained a new perspective and better understanding of what it's like to be a teenage girl in the Bronx.

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