Editing Biographies

Philip Ruiz - Teacher

Philip Ruiz has earned a BA from Fordham University and MA from New York University; and over the last few years has been a lecturer at Lehman College where he teaches: Introduction to Humanities, History Of Cinema I & II Japanese Film, NonLinear Editing, Film Production, American Film & Society, Gangster Films, Communications & Society, Animation: Disney, Pixar & Anime, Transformation & Classic Texts in Film and Film Adaptation. His area of interests and research include how technology and computers change the visual language of cinema; with a particularly interested in Japanese Cinema and its influence on the visual language of American Cinema.

Julia Pizarro - T.A

My name is Julia Pizarro and I recently graduated from Lehman College. I have a BFA degree for film and television. I am currently Freelancing and collaborating with multiple directors and production companies. I love to edit short films, write scripts, photograph, and act in my own projects. Considering my ambitions and love for film, this led me into wanting to continue this job as a TA for this summer program. Teaching aspiring young students makes me feel elated due to the creativity oozing out of each individual. I enjoy their curiosity and how they share their ideas with me because they are eager to progress further into this industry. Other than film, I also like to sing and write my own songs. One of my far-fetched dreams would be to be the voice for a Disney character because I am in love with the Disney franchise.

Ronaldo Brenton

My name is Ronaldo Breton. I am a 16 year old going into my senior year at Discovery High School. I currently live in the Bronx and have been here for most of my life. Most of my family is Dominican, including my parents, whom of I live with along with my younger sister. Some of my hobbies and interests include playing guitar, writing songs as well as other projects. In my downtime I like continuing my writing and listening to music primarily consisting of punk rock bands (e.g. Blink 182, Green Day) and studying as well as watching films. I hope to one day become a filmmaker and follow in the footsteps of other great directors like Wes Craven and Quentin Tarantino.

Carla Camarillo

My name is Carla Camarillo and I’m 15 years old. I live with both of my parents, an older sister and brother, and my grandma. I was born and raised in the Bronx but my parents are from Mexico. They taught me about the importance of family and how we should appreciate every moment we have with them. Friends have also had a positive impact on me. Not only do they make me laugh but they encourage me to always do my best and never give up. They are a reflection of me. In the future, I hope to accomplish great things such as graduating high school and going to college to become a teacher. Some of my hobbies include going on social media, playing tennis, and dancing. I like adventures and enjoy trying new things. Life is too short to worry about the little things, so focus on the present.

Judy Chen

Judy Chen. I’m a first generation Chinese-American. Growing up, I was extremely shy. I would avoid talking to anyone. In elementary school, I was bullied for being quiet and by the comments said towards me about my race. It sucks that I cared so much about the comments that I isolated myself. I can't change my past, instead I learned from it. In this moment of my life, I've learned to appreciate who I am and who I want to become. As I explore the many options for the future, creating films has easily caught my attention. This program showed me the depths a film producer goes through. The criticism and comments help them produce better content. Being a part of this program helped me learn to take criticism and use it as an advantage. I want to create meaningful films that can be seen around the world.

Kathy Chen

Hello, my name is Kathy Chen. When people first meet me, I may seem shy and quiet, but like the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I’m more than just a quiet and shy girl. I am also outgoing, determined, caring and sometimes loud. Some say I have a very friendly and bubbly personality. Some of my hobbies are reading books, romance or fiction, sleeping, running, and playing sports like volleyball and tennis. Video filming and editing has been something I found interesting and because of that I took this class to learn about video editing and filming. After this program ends I hope that I can apply what I learned into my daily life and future. This class has also taught me that nothing can be done by just one try but that making mistakes is necessary sometimes to get the very best results.

Daniel Fernandez

Hello. My name is Daniel Guadalupe Fernandez. I'm a Mexican American 17 year old shy teenage boy at CIMS and I have always dedicated myself to soccer. I dream of being a soccer player with New York City FC. Right now I'm with a soccer club called South Bronx United. They are partnered with New York City FC. My goal has always been to win a trophy with a team. I'm with a religious family who are very strict on everything that I do. I remember the time when I was 4 years old, my parents lost me in the supermarket. My mother said that it was my father’s fault that he lost sight of me and they told me that I ended up at the train station. It really scared me that they told me that part... I could have died.

Nathanial Gary

My name is Nathanial Richard Darmour Gary. I am a photographer, videographer, and director. Both photography and film have become my true passion for expressing and showing others my viewpoint on the world. Not much of my family has been into the arts but the few that are tv/film directors and producers have inspired me to always allow room to learn to become greater at your craft. Being both the main photographer and film documenter for my school, I have established my reputation in documenting my school’s prom, graduation and many more school events that took place in the past years. In an HBO documentary that I appeared in, I shot some B-Roll for HBO that took place within my high school. Events such as these and doing programs such as College Now will then better prepare me in my future when I’m directing a film you’ll be watching in the theater.

Cor Griffith

Cor Griffith, an aspiring video editor who wishes to start his own company for visualization, goes to Brooklyn Tech and lives in the Bronx. He finds his motivation in his family members, who have all worked so hard to get to where they are today. He just wishes he can live up to their legacy. His dream is to continue on this path and become a professional in making entertaining and engaging videos for everyone to enjoy. He loves making people smile and laugh because of something he designed and created. This pushes him to keep on creating more content to show to people who are interested. Cor wants to continue to live in New York City, and wants to have a dog and cat. The city has always been an inspiring place for him because of all the lights and opportunities. Watch out for his face on billboards!

Immanuel Halder

My name is Immanuel Setu Halder. I’m 17 years old and I’m from Bangladesh, in Asia. I’m a senior in the Bronx High School for Visual Arts and this is my last year in high school. I am determined that I will graduate and go to college. I like to play soccer, badminton and cricket. I’m a sports person and also like to go to the gym and do gymnastics things. I also like to travel to different places like in an adventure. My hobby is to play guitar and play video games. I’m not a big fan of eating but I like homemade food made by my mom. My favorite subjects in school are physics and mathematics and my least favorite subjects are science and history, which makes me study life a little harder. I would like to study computer engineering and technology in college and make my career in that field.

Yarinel Hernandez

I am Yarinel Hernandez; I'm a 16 year old Mexican-American. I live in the Bronx. I'm a senior in Bronx Lab High School. I want to be successful in life. What does that mean to me? I want to live on my own and not depend on anyone. I want to travel whenever I want. I love music with a passion; if only I could I would attend concerts every day. However I know that I have to work hard for everything I want. I have to overcome any obstacle that gets in my way and use it to motivate me further towards my goals. I have anxiety and I overthink a lot. Yet, I am still willing to take risks and step outside my comfort zone. In 10 years I want to love the career I have, the people I surround myself with, and myself most of all.

Jessica Li

Hi. I'm Jessica Li and I am 16 years old. I’m from New York and I go to school at Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy. I have focused on my academics this past year; I’ve been on the honors program for 4 years and on the principal's list for 2 years. I hope that I can find a good college and a good job in the future. I love to travel and listen to music. My goal is to travel the world and to become a photographer. I always had a passion to take pictures since I was little. I like to travel to see the uniqueness of other countries. I enjoy playing sports such as tennis, volleyball, swimming, basketball and running. I joined this program because I love to explore and learn new things. I have never video edited before but now I have learned how to create videos with effects.

Kumba Nyang

Hello!! My name is Kumba. I like to think that I am interesting, smart, funny, and kind. I am not big when it comes to sports, but I love soccer. I personally believe that it's one of the best sports in the world. I also love to travel. I want to travel the world and experience new things. I am a positive person and I believe that people should surround themselves with good, kind, and positive people. I also believe in dreams and working hard for them, because I am very ambitious and I am hopeful that I can make my dreams come true. Therefore setting goals and working towards them are very helpful and important to me. I do not know what the future holds, but I am hopeful and ready to take it on, and most importantly I will not be who I am without my family.

Melody Pabon

My name is Melody Rose Pabon. I am a Puerto Rican living in the South Bronx. I come from a musical family. My grandparents sing and write music which they passed down to my father who passed it down to me. I am a senior in Celia Cruz High School, where I continued playing music for going on to eight years. I have as well devoted my time to playing on the school's varsity volleyball team. Playing on a team always comes with academic responsibility. This year, I have made the school's honor roll all four marking periods, as well as being in the school's National Honor Society. I strive to do the best that I am capable of doing in many aspects of my life. I plan to go to college and become a physical therapist because I am fascinated with working with sports related injuries.

Yadilsa Polanco

My name is Yadilsa Polanco. I’m 16 years old. I'm going to be a senior in a few months and hopefully I will graduate in 2018. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Currently I'm part of the Bronx community. I live with my mom, father, and brother. I will describe myself as a very passionate person, kind but also with a strong personality. I personally like to be at home and watch movies (romantic comedies to be specific). Also I like to spend time with my family and friends. My goal in life is to be a lawyer in criminal justice. I think it's a way in which I can help others by solving legal issues. And also because it is the career that I like and that I find interesting. However my main goal instantly is to get my diploma and start my college right away.

Ameera Rahim

My name is Ameera Rahim and I reside with my parents and sister in Bronx, New York. I attend Pelham Preparatory Academy. My family and I migrated from the small South American country, Guyana, in 2013. Moving here has created innumerable opportunities for exploration and guidance to what I want to pursue in the future. College Now has assisted me in experiencing something new. Something that wouldn’t be my immediate choice and I soon developed an interest in. Considering that I have a personality that is usually shy and introverted, this program has encouraged me to interact with others. In the somewhat far future, I hope to pursue a career in the broad arena of science.

Skylar Shaw

Skylar Shaw; your future lawyer. With my love for writing, journalism may have been a better fit, but life is about trying new things and challenging yourself to escape the boundaries of your comfort zone. With that being said, it was only natural to choose a class that is completely new to me. I have made many sacrifices; not being able to sleep in late or having to go to bed at a completely unreasonable time. And through these sacrifices I realized that life itself is about making sacrifices. Also, if I want a good future I have to demand one. Therefore, every decision I make I hold a mindset that it needs to benefit me not only in the moment, but in the future as well. I understand that life and the road to success will be a long journey, but with opportunities in the educational field such as College Now it will be easier.

Yaere Vergara

I am Yaere Vergara, a young 15 year old girl with big hopes and dreams. I always see the best in people even if others think of them as being the worst humans in society. I love to write down my emotions and create poetry with them. I’m one of those people that can see themselves and think they’re the most spontaneous human being ever or the most grotesque creature ever. Even though I seem to always complicate things I still have managed to get stuff done. Sometimes I’m too lazy and that affects my aim for success. I have been told that I would get nowhere in life because of my flaws, that I’m a failure, but I use those words as motivation. Even though I’ve faced plenty of challenges, I still managed to go forward and use those challenges as lessons. These lessons have shaped me into the person I am today.

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