Editing is the art of manipulating space and time by assembling, ordering and aligning images and sound. An assembled DV/HD/Film work has a visual rhythm, emotional flow and movement. This class will offer both a theoretical and practical approach to editing. Students will be expected to analyze, critique, assemble and edit dramatic scenes. Students will analyze, plan and produce narrative short sequences. Students will edit sequences together using a non-linear software: Final Cut Pro 7.

The aim of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the production & creative process of filmmaking. Students will read, prepare, work on and present various creative projects that will require of them performance, script writing, camera work, lighting, editing and digital manipulation. All projects will stress a low-budget/ independent approach that attempts to create and capture a professional look. The class will examine all aspects of filmmaking from the generating of ideas, conceptualities of story, visualizing/storyboarding story, pre-production, shooting style, production, audio manipulations, editing, digital formats to presentation. Students will work on group projects where group dynamics of production will be closely observed and studied.

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