Digital Multimedia Biographies

Christine Mariani - Teacher

Christine Mariani is a graphic designer for BronxNet and a freelance artist specializing in design, animation and motion graphics. In addition to the wide range of commercial design work she has in her portfolio, Christine has worked on and provided animation for numerous broadcast projects including Mindless Self Indulgence’s music video “Never Wanted to Dance”, “Dogsharks”, “Shwe Shwe Kids”, Fred Roger’s “ELE: Early Learning Environment”, “Gossip Gail”, CipherLoc, and the interactive lecture host Jasmyn Kabuki project. Christine received her M.F.A. in Digital Media here at Lehman College and is as an adjunct lecturer for the Art Department. Throughout the semester, she teaches a range of courses focusing on subjects such as Flash Animation, After Effects, Broadcast Design, 3D Modeling, and HTML5 and CSS.

Whitney Hudson - T.A

Whitney Hudson is a senior at Lehman College majoring in Computer Graphics and Imaging. After discovering her love for drawing in middle school, she worked to develop and improve her own style. Her passion for drawing and animation is what motivated her to pursue CGI. In the past, she has made her own personal animations. Her animation short “Stuck in a Tree” was featured at the Ninth Annual CUNY Film Festival. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sketching, and making comics. Upon graduating, she plans to pursue a career in animation.

Diego Cortes

My name is Diego Cortes. I am 16 years of age. I’m Mexican and I love to do track and play soccer. A few traits that people have mentioned that I have are humorous, awkward, and attentive (sometimes). One of my fondest memories as a kid was going to the grocery store and getting a pint of ice cream every night, although a rather unhealthy routine. Academically, I lack the motivation to do my work, consequently impacting my grade in a negative way. My teachers often say I can do excellent work, but I choose not to do homework or study for tests. I commonly get called out when I am making jokes, laughing too much, and talking a lot. Currently I am fighting my procrastination syndrome, although I think it has achieved a rather unfazeable state.

Kendra Duran

My full name is Kendra Marie Duran. I am 16 years old, about to be a senior attending CMSP 327. I am musically diverse. My favorite genre is rock music though. My favorite band is Queen. I love to draw. I’m used to drawing simple images but my goal is to get more horror or displeasing images out of my drawings, something that’s fascinating but scary. I love to read books. My favorite book is “Different Seasons” by Stephen King. I read whenever I can. I love to read on the bus. Sometimes I can’t because I often get carried away and miss my stop. I have four siblings. Out of five, I’m the youngest. My sister and me are the 1st and 2nd youngest and also the only two to be attending college. I’m not officially in college yet but I can confirm that I will be soon.

Ariel Guevara

I'm usually not one for writing about myself simply because there isn't much to tell. Digital Animation was a second choice for me, the first had always been cars. My family had grown into the love of art and so I inherited it. As I grew my style of drawing changed. I was deep into the category of creativity. I loved designing things. But I was shy. I couldn't say much until I hit high school. Year after year I slowly moved toward my goal of being an automotive designer. That's when I met someone who would push me to achieve my goal. I practiced more of my drawing and I realized there was more to just putting pencil on paper. It was actually modeling and animating. Everything slowly just wandered away from me and then I saw the College Now program of Animation. I wasn't really drawn to it at first only because I thought it wouldn’t relate but however I overcame that and gave it a try anyway.

Dwayna Harris

My name is Dwayna Harris. I am 16 years old and going to the 12th grade. I am one of the participants in the Lehman College Now Program. The class I chose to do was Digital Multimedia. In this class we're learning about animation. I chose this class because I wanted to try something new and I ended up loving it. At first I thought I would never be able to animate and that it would be too hard for me, but now I learn more and more everyday. I'm even thinking about doing a major that has to do with animation for college because of this class. This class is a challenging class, but I know that I can manage if I keep working hard.

Kyla Henry

My name is Kyla Henry and I am sixteen years old. I go to the High School of Contemporary Arts at Evander Childs Campus. This September I will be going into eleventh grade. I am currently in the Digital Animation class in College Now at Lehman College. I wanted to do this class because I like drawing and animations. I also took up this class because I like to code and draw. I took this class to enhance my knowledge of animation. My favorite things to do in my spare time are watching TV, coding, reading, and playing videogames. My favorite TV shows are cartoons and my favorite books are mangas. Mortal Combat X is my favorite videogame. When I grow up I would like to either be an architectural engineer or a computer engineer. I choose to pursue my goal of becoming an engineer, whether it is an architectural engineer or a computer engineer, because it has two of my favorite subjects, art and math.

Mari Kubota

Mari Kubota was born in New York City. She is bilingual, speaking both Japanese and English because her parents came from Japan to America in 1999. She is currently a senior in the High School for Math Science and Engineering at the City College of New York where she is a motivated and hard working student. Her most notable classes are art and architecture, which she engages in actively. She plans to continue her education after high school and study architecture in college. In the future, she wishes to pursue a career as an architect.

Enoch Kyereboah

A brief bio about myself would be that I am always tired. And the answer to your question on why I’m always tired is because I am an instrumentalist. I play the bass, drums, and piano and with my nationality I am placed in the lifestyle whereby I need to make a profession out of that. But I don’t really complain because it is honestly fun; the people you meet, the places you go. It is always an eye opener to see the things I’m blessed to see. I’m the 5th born of 6 kids, practically adopted to be honest. I play basketball just like 69% of the male population. And though sometimes I will and can be intimidating and act as if I don’t care about most things, I have a very serious sense for thinking and getting important things done. I am still tired and have concert practice tonight.

Jendelyn Lucero

My name is Jendelyn Lucero. Most of the people that know me call me ‘Jen’. I am an anime lover, youtuber, and most importantly a full time daydreamer. I love fanart/fanfiction and daydreaming and hope that one day I could write a fiction book with the help of the anime I watch and my daydreams. When I grow up I want to be a graphic designer and animator, specifically in stop-motion. Stop motion is fascinating because it is all made out of photos/frames being put together into motion, different from a video. I am very shy; I have social anxiety but I really want to talk to others. It's just that it's so hard for me to do so since I always overthink everything I want to do and say. Regardless, I don't want my anxiety to hold me back from reaching my goals in life.

Akira Martin

Hello, my name is Akira Martin from Bronx Academy of Software Engineering. I am 17 years old and I will be going into the 12th grade upon returning to school in September. I have a strong passion for the arts and anything relating to technology, which is what drew me to enrolling in this program. My favorite class subjects include Computer Science, Art, and English. I hope that my participation can strengthen my grasp of art and animation and in turn make me a better artist in the future.

Sebastian Vargas Martínez

My name is Sebastian Vargas Martínez. I was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. I like playing games, drawing, watching TV, and reading from a book or graphic novel. My dislikes are feeling bored. I was born with autism, a disability called Asperger’s Syndrome. I found out about this when my mother explained it to me when I was in middle school. My mother is Puerto Rican and specializes in treating people with disabilities just like myself. Her methods are the reason why I’m not noticeable to have a disability.

Gianncarlo Pena

My name is Gianncarlo Pena. Many things define me as a person. They make me unique. What makes me special is the way I live my life. On my free time, I do many things including studying, playing video games, and doing exercise. I always have a schedule for my daily activities despite not being extremely organized. One of the things I love to do is hang out with my friends and family. It makes me feel wonderful to be alive and makes me very devoted to working together. One of the major things that I do after school is cross-country. This club is running against other schools all over the state. It is something I enjoy and hopefully will never forget to do. These are just the little things that make me special. There is so much more to us that make us who we are.

Sajon Rattigan

My name is Sajon Rattigan and I am a going to be a senior at DeWitt Clinton high school. My two favorite sports to play are soccer and swimming. My two favorite subjects in school are math and physics. I like to play video games and watch TV in my free time. I am a really bad procrastinator and do most things last minute.

Maria Luis Sosa

My name is Maria. I consider myself an artist and have a deep passion for the art of 2D animation. I’m fascinated by Disney films and Ghibili films and just adore the works of studios like Studio Trigger and Madhouse. I wish to pursue a career in either cartooning or 3D animation, which one I’ll study first is beyond me, but I do wish to study both. I adore well-made games as well so the possibility of going into programming is another possibility for my future. I have an ultimate goal which is to create my own animation studio called Studio BelluaBug.

Emina Vargas

I’m in Art 325. My favorite things are drawing, painting, coloring, doing makeup, and singing songs every now and then. I particularly like to draw the female figure and face. My future goals are to become a tailor and have the ability to create a wide range of ensembles and to modify older ones. I have an interest specifically in making bras. When I become a tailor, I hope to be an animator on the side. So far my animations usually consist of objects with many gradients against a black background. My favorite color is peach pink. I just like the aesthetic of an orange-pink color. I try to do my best work in the class I am in. I was quite hesitant to come to College Now and do animation, but now that I am here, I feel confident in my work and my capability.

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