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Osnat L. Greenbaum (Lecturer): Ms. Greenbaum has been an adjunct lecturer for the Lehman Theater department from 2005 to 2012. She has done a considerable amount of her theatrical work on and backstage of the Lehman stages. As the director-in-residence for the "Absinthe-Minded Theater Co" she directed as well as designed the costumes for "Otherwise Engaged"(Meisner Theater), "Brimstone and Treacle"( Meisner Theater) and "Idioglossia"(NY premiere at The Greenwich Street Theater). Since 2012 Ms. Greenbaum has been collaborating as an actor and a designer with The Red Monkey Theater Co. residing at Mount St. Vincent College, Yonkers, NY. Ms. Greenbaum is also the makeup artist-in-residence for "The Bronx Journal", a student weekly show taped at Lehman Media center featuring interviews on current events. Ms. Greenbaum is a native of Israel and a proud resident of the Bronx for the past 30 years.

Ana Costa (Teaching Assistant): Ana is currently a sophomore at Lehman College. A theater class she recently took, in which she wrote a play and acted in several scenes, has sparked her interest in theater. She now plans to continue exploring the opportunities in the field, while she pursues a career as an educator. The interest in theater also introduced her to the College Now program and to the position of a Teaching Assistant. She would like to thank the program and Professor Greenbaum for "helping Ana further explore the world of theater."

Ahd Elomri (make up/tech crew): Ahd is seventeen years old and a junior at DeWitt Clinton High School. She has recently become interested in theater and says that it has always been an ambition of hers to work outside of her comfort zone. She thinks it is an amazing opportunity to have the chance to explore and learn about the different aspects of theater, a dream she never have thought would possibly come true. "I am very grateful" she concludes.

Angela Mora (make up/tech crew): Angela is seventeen years old and a senior at the Bronx Latin High School come this fall. Her parents were born in Mexico but she was born in the USA. Angela is a very optimistic person. She believes there is good in everything and everyone, and she always likes to look for the brighter side of things. A happy person, she likes to smile and laugh a lot. School is very important to Angela and she gives it her all. She is truly excited to start college in the year 2014. She is still not certain in what she would like to major but knows that whatever topic or field she picks, she will succeed because she believes in herself.

Cristal Grullon (make up/tech crew): Cristal is sixteen years old and has been attending the Bronx Latin High School since the 6th grade. She is going to be a senior come this fall. The Visual Elements of Theater is the second college course that she has attended at Lehman. She loves everything related to makeup, hairstyles and beauty. She enjoys reading novels and magazines, photography and the outdoors. "This class was fun and unexpected" she says.

Daniella Resto (make up/tech crew): Daniella is a senior at Gramercy Arts High School. She is a musical theater and dance major. Daniella was born in the Bronx but raised in Samoa where she learned many types of dances as a child. When she moved back to the Bronx she became very enthusiastic about musical theater. Previous credits(school productions) include parts in the musicals Hair, Nine, Six Characters in Search of an Author, and an NYU student film Femme. She is now taking a break from acting to learn about the art of stagecraft.

De'Andre Eccles (make up/tech crew): De'Andre is seventeen years old. She attends Dewitt Clinton High school and coming this Fall she will be a senior. Her hobbies include reading paranormal novels, watching Korean dramas and listening to music. This summer she decided to participate in the THE234 Visual Elements in Theater class in order to learn and understand what takes place behind the scene of a production. She finds the class so far to be both entertaining and informative and a very productive way to pass the summer.

Fergie Tapia (make up/tech crew): Fergie is seventeen years old and was born in Manta, Ecuador. She came to the USA at the age of seven. Her middle school teacher, Ms. Stengren, encouraged her to draw and develop her skills in the field. Fergie is passionate about drawing and painting cartoons as well as designing clothes and sewing. She was not interested in theater until she saw a production of The Phantom of the Opera where she loved the actors' looks. She is not yet sure what career path to choose for her future, but is sure she will attend college and continue to achieve her goals.

Kimberly Roa (make up/tech crew): Kimberly is seventeen years old and was born in the Dominican Republic. She attends the Bronx Early College Academy and is expecting to graduate in 2014.Kimberly always loved playing with makeup and chose this Visual Elements class because of its stage makeup lab. Her other main hobby is photography. She wants to attends college in the city and close to home. She would like to major in Speech pathology and dreams of working one day for Rolling Stone or National geographic magazine as a photographer.

Margarete Rodriquez (make up/tech crew): Margarete is sixteen years old and was born in the Bronx N.Y. She comes from a Puerto Rican family. Margarete is a student at the Bronx Academy of Health Careers located on the Evander Childs Campus. Margarete is a member of the National Honor Society and is going to be a senior starting this fall. her hobbies include writing, spending time with friends and family, listening to music, playing with her bunny and experimenting with drawing. Her favorite quote "Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing." (anon)

Mariama Sabaly (make up/tech. crew): Mariama is seventeen years old and attends University Prep Charter High School (formerly Green Dot Charter High School). Mariama is graduating in 2014 and wants to be a pediatrician. She, however, has always had a passion for theater especially after watching the Broadway show "Peter Pan". She always wondered how things were put together: the lighting, the costumes, make up, sets and music. She therefore decided to enroll in to the College Now program's Visual Elements of Theater hoping to find answers to her questions about theater production. She refers to this class as " a great journey, where her questions have been answered and she is learning new things about theater."

Natasha Martinez (make up /tech crew): Natasha was born and raised in New York City. Her mother and father are from the Dominican Republic. This coming fall Natasha will be a junior at In-Tech Academy. Natasha describes herself as a great student with good grades. She considers herself a very responsible and an outgoing person. Natasha joined this class because she wanted to meet new people and learn more about the art of the theater.

Nenekade Bah (make up/tech crew): Is a senior at the Bronx Latin school. She enjoys watching Bollywood films and hanging out with her friends. She is outgoing and likes to laugh a lot. In fifth grade she participated in a stage production of "School of Rock" where she played a teacher and sang. That sparked her interest in theater and how a production is put together from costumes to set design. The Visual elements class is her first experience with makeup. She has also learned a lot this summer about artistic concepts in theater. This class gives her the freedom to express her creativity and gain knowledge from her peers.

My name is Susana Henriquez and I'm a senior in the Bronx Latin High School. I'm the middle sibling of three, a brother and a sister. I'm adventurous, persuasive, goodnatured and I put others first. The most dare devil thing I've ever done was rappelling. I love it because it was an experience in which I learned how to trust myself in a different way. I've done more exciting things such as archery, and fired some firearms in the Academy Program last year. This summer I decided take the THE 234 college now class because I wanted to learn the visual aspect of theatre. I'm glad I made the right choice because the girls in my class and my professor are awesomely awesome.

Yaneska Mejia (make up/tech crew): Yaneska is seventeen years old and a senior at the Bronx Latin High School. Yaneska likes to dedicate her time to her school work and her friends. Simple things such as true friendships make her happy. She likes the outdoors and especially food. She is still undecided as top her future career path. She hopes however, that path she chooses will allow her to travel and help people around the world.

Yanitza Mercado (make up/tech crew): Yanitza is sixteen years old and is going to be a junior in In-Tech Academy. Yanitza has been involved in the Lincoln Center Program where she saw shows such as Golden Boy and War Horse. She learned about the Visual Elements class in the Spring while attending the College Now program. She was excited to join, happy to have something to do this summer. She says it has been a wonderful experience, where she learned many things about the visual elements in theater and has participated in numerous activities. She is looking forward to joining this program again.