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See the Complete PDF Here: Watchdog 2011

Emmet Allen: Pathological Gaming: Is it really a threat?

Kadijatu Bah: A Supersized Problem

Lindita Camaj: New York City Shuts Down Underperforming Schools

Aaron Cruz: Youth Gangs a Growing Problem in The Bronx

Angelina Domfeh: Teens Allure in Technology: While Reading is Left Behind?

Melanie Ginel: Is "Stop and Frisk" Being Improperly Used?

Chevon James: Show Me What You Wear and I'll Tell You Who You Are

Tawhid Kabir: Homeless Shelters Sprout in The Bronx

Harpreet Kaur: Mistaken Identity: A Case of Racial Profiling

Tiana Maclean: Does a Student's Wardrobe Determine Their Social Status?

Anita Mathew: Cyber-bullying: A Common Trend

Lloyd Mills: High Cost of Living in The Bronx

Ashley Pugliese: As Teen Mothers Increase, Daycares Become a Necessity

Kimberly Roman: Costs to Regents Exams Costly to Students

Faiz Sabbiruzzaman: The Impact of Marijuana on High School Students

Jalani Spencerjoe: The Media: Warped Representations

Jeremy Teekasingh: PARENT vs. CHILD The winner is...

Cecilia Tetty: Journalist: More Than Just a Writer

Raquel Urena: Goal!!! Is Women's Soccer Finally Gaining Fame in America?

Nala Ward: Attention Animals in New York City: You May Want to Leave