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General Information

Courses are offered year-round, during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. (For information about summer course offerings, see our SUMMER PROGRAMS page.)

For information on the eligibility requirements, click here.

If you do not meet these scores, you will be offered the opportunity to take specifically designed workshops at your high school or at the College. These will help you qualify to take credit courses at a later time.

Which college courses can I take?

The courses you can take depend on Regents or SAT scores, high school grades, attendance, and recommendations from your high school teachers and school counselors. Students who meet the eligibility requirements will be able to take freshman-level college courses such as the following:

ART 112

Digital Imaging

*BIO 166

Foundations of Biology: Cells and Genes

*CHE 166

General Chemistry I

**MMJ 215

Audiovisual Production

ENG 111/121

Freshman Composition I and II

ENW 210

Introduction to Creative Writing

*GEP 205

Principles of Geographic Info. Science (GISc)

MAT 172


PHI 171

Problems in Philosophy

PHI 172

Contemporary Moral Issues

POL 217

Criminal Justice

POL 266

Politics and Culture

PSY 166

General Psychology

SOC 166

Fundamentals of Sociology

SOC 234

Urban Sociology

SPA 113 / 114

Elementary Spanish I and II (for Native Speakers)

**THE 234

Visual Elements of the Theater

**THE 241

Art of the Theater

* Natural and Geographic Science courses are only offered as part of the Summer Science Academy.

** Multimedia/Journalism and Theater courses are only offered as part of the Summer Arts Academy.


The following is a list of classes being offered this SPRING 2014 semester.

11:00 AM

Students should bring copy of HS transcript or SAT report for academic eligibility and social security number to registration.

The following college credit courses will be offered to high school students through the Lehman College Now Program during spring semester 2014. The cost of the program is FREE for students. In order to be eligible, students must have at least a 75+ on their ELA Regents exam or 480+ on the SAT Verbal/Critical Reading section and overall HS average of 80+. *Math and Language courses have different requirements. All classes meet on the Lehman College campus from 4:10 – 5:50 pm (except where noted). Classes begin the week of February 3 and the semester ends May 20/21.

For further information contact the College Now Program at 718-960-2595 or or

ART 112: Introduction to Digital Imaging (M/W, 3 credits) Introduction to the creation of art and imagery using computers and digital media.

ECO 166: Fundamentals of Economics (T/Th, 3 credits) A study of macroeconomics and how the economy works.

ENG 111: English Composition I (M/W or T/Th, 3 credits) English composition course that focuses on paragraph and essay development, summary and critical response to short texts. Note: This course fulfills a core requirement of English Composition I.

ENG 121: English Composition II (T/Th, 3 credits) Continues the work of ENG 111 advancing critical reading skills and essay development. Emphasis on writing analytical essays and papers based on research in various academic disciplines. (Prerequisite: Students must successfully complete ENG 111 to register for ENG 121.)

ENW 210: Introduction to Creative Writing (T/Th, 3 credits) This course focuses on the reading, writing and analysis of fiction, poetry and dramatic literature with the intent of developing students’ creative voices in these forms of creative writing. (Prerequisite: Students must successfully complete ENG 111 or receive approval from College Now program)

ENG 222: Literary Genres (M/W or T/Th, 3 credits) In this course students discuss and analyze a range of literary genres including fiction, poetry, drama, and other writings, with a focus on central themes such as: family, “the outsider,” the individual v. society, history, and love. (Prerequisite: Students must successfully complete ENG 111 or receive approval from College Now program)

*MAT 172: Pre-calculus (M/W, 4 credits) – Students who want to enroll in the CN pre-calculus course must register and sit for the CN CUNY Math Placement. Students must have 80+ in one math regents exam and have completed or in the process of completing three years of regents level math including Algebra II/Trigonometry.

To register for Math Placement exam, contact the College Now office at and we will send you registration form. Math placement exam will be offered January 8, 14 & 16 at Lehman College. Students MUST register and receive a confirmation to sit for the exam.

PHI 171: Problems in Philosophy (M/W, 3 credits) An introduction to philosophical thinking via a discussion of central questions such as “How should I live?” “What is the truth about reality?” “Can God’s existence be known?”

PHI 172: Contemporary Moral Issues (T/Th, 3 credits) Fundamental ethical theories and their applications to current moral issues, such as capital punishment, abortion, sexual equality and economic justice are critically analyzed in this course.

POL 217: Criminal Justice (M/W, 3 credits) This course uses the fundamental concepts and methods of law and political science to analyze criminal law as a method of social control and to examine the history and administration of the system of criminal justice in the United States. It will consider how and why specified conduct is labeled criminal and the sanctions attached to such conduct.

POL 266: Politics and Culture (T/Th, 3 credits) Students will examine the impact of cultural ideals and practices on political institutions, and on political conflict and cooperation among nationalities, races, classes, genders, and tribal, ethnic, and religious groups.

PSY 166: General Psychology (M/W or T/Th, 3 credits) Introduction to the fundamental concepts and methods of modern psychology. Consideration of the scientific basis of psychology and of the significant problems in the areas of learning, motivation, emotion, personality and social behavior.

SOC 166: Fundamentals of Sociology (M/W, 3 credits) Sociology, the scientific study of human behavior, studies the processes and patterns of social interaction, forms of social organization, and the influence of social structure, groups and institutions upon human behavior.

SOC 234: Urban Sociology (T/Th, 3 credits) This course will study the urban community and neighborhood; social forces responsible for the modern urban community; the ecology of cities; social pathology and urban blight; and analysis of policies for urban redevelopment.

*SPA 114: Elementary Spanish for Heritage Speakers II (T/Th, 3 credits) A beginning course, with emphasis on elements of grammatical structures and practice in reading, writing, and oral exposition. (Prerequisite: Students must complete SPA 113 or sit for language placement exam.)

For more information, contact the College Now Program at or 718-960-8932.

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