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Lehman College

Career Services Center (CSC)

Juniors and Seniors

The best way to prepare for graduation is to start early. The beginning of Junior year is not too early. Whatever you do, don't wait until your last semester to get started.

Research job opportunities in your chosen major

Choose a job, rather than settle for just any job.

  • Visit "Exploring Majors" in Career Services Center (CSC) website.
  • Visit the Career Services Library and Lab and college library to look at books and magazines related to you're an area which interests you.
  • Talk with one of the Career Counselors to explore employment vs. graduate school.
  • Research graduate schools and make an appointment to see a pre-graduate advisor (Shuster 275).
  • Talk with your professors and people working at a job you might be interested in.

Compose a resume and cover letter

Poor presentation, no interview. No interview, no job.

  • If you have done this already, bring it to the CSC for review. Get a second opinion.
  • If you need help in composing one, the CSC has model resumes and also offers resume workshops.
  • Leave a copy of your resume with Career Services.

Get work experience in your field before you graduate

Employers like grads who have some related experience.

  • Internships are important. Apply early at CSC. It might take two to three months to find one for you. Remember once you graduate we cannot help you with an internship.
  • Use volunteer work, work-study or summer jobs to help gain some related experience.
  • See if the place where you now work can help, or find a new situation to use your skills.

Develop job search skills

Knowing how to find a job is an important skill.

  • The CSC has workshops to suggest strategies. Remember job hunting is a skill you can learn.
  • Networking is a very important tool. Call all your friends and relatives and ask them if they know anyone who will speak to you about your field and future career plans. People usually say they don't have a job available, if they don't know you. So, don't ask for a job only an informational interview.

Attend job fairs and use on-line services to post your resume

Companies usually recruit candidates a year before graduation. START EARLY.

  • Symplicity accessible through the CSC website is a place where you can post your resume. Job posting events are listed, too.
  • Lehman College has a Career Expo held in March.
  • CUNY has a major Job Fair at the Javits Center in April.

Learn interview skills

If you don't come across well, you won't get the job.

Start locating potential people who will give you a reference

  • Always ask a person if he/she will give you a reference before using him/her.
  • Consider asking a professor, counselor or college administrator who knows you well.
  • At the place where you work or interned, see if you can get a written reference, just in case your supervisor leaves the job.

Get organized

Looking for a job is serious work.

  • Get a small notebook to keep track of your employer contacts and what they say to you.
  • Start your job search 6 - 9 months before graduation.

Find out what you need to do to graduate

Before you register for your last semester do the following:

  • Check with your major and minor (if appropriate) advisors to find out what courses you still need to fulfill the requirements.
  • Visit the Academic Advisement Department (Shuster 280) to have a counselor review your transcript to see if you have fulfilled all the academic requirements.

File for graduation with the registrar

  • Do this before the deadline posted in the academic calendar.

File a copy of your resume at the career services center

Employers contact us on a regular basis to recruit graduating seniors.

  • If you move or change your phone number or email, provide us with a new copy of your resume.

Quick Graduation Checklist

  • Find out if you are fulfilling or have fulfilled all your requirements for graduation.
  • File for graduation.
  • Prepare a resume and file it at Career Services.
  • Get work experience related to your field before graduation.
  • Learn interviewing and job search skills.
  • Make contacts through job fairs, networking, ads, on-line services, and mailings.
  • Always act professionally and believe in your skills and abilities. 
  • Check you email and phone messages daily.