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Internship Forms

Internship FormsThe main purpose of an internship is to ensure that it is a valuable learning experience for you and that the goals and objectives of your internship are being met.  In order to do so the following forms are required for your internship that must be completed by either you and/or your internship site supervisor.  Each form must be signed and returned to the Internship Coordinator located at the Career Services Center in Shuster Hall, Room 254 by the end of the first week of your internship. Failure to complete and return forms will cause an interruption of the internship experience. Adhering to these guidelines will allow us to evaluate and ensure the quality of your internship site.

Adobe Acrobat Reader  is required to view and print out the Internship Forms. You can download the reader free from the adobe web site.

  • Learning Agreement Form  Adobe PDF File
  • Employer Evaluation Form Adobe PDF File
  • Student Internship Site Evaluation Form Adobe PDF File


Am I eligible to do an internship?

You must be a matriculated Lehman undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing. Some internships may require related course work and specific class standing (i.e. sophomore, junior or senior). Eligibility is also contingent upon you attending our Interviewing Skills Workshops.

How long are internships?

Internships are available during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters on a part-time or full time basis. The duration of an internship may be one semester or an agreed upon length of time between you and the employer.

In what fields can I gain experience?

Internships are available in all fields for all majors. Some of the most common areas are: Accounting, Business Management, Communications, Computers, Economics, Education, Environmental Affairs, Government, Health, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Science, and Sociology just to name a few.

Are interns paid? Can I earn credit?

Many internships are unpaid, although some companies provide a competitive salary or stipend for carfare and/or meals. A student may receive CREDIT with approval from an academic department.

How do I apply for an internship?

To apply for an internship you must do the following:

  • Have a resume reviewed and approved by a Career Coordinator in Shuster 254.
  • Register and attend an Interviewing Techniques Workshop. See receptionist for schedule in Shuster 254 or visit our website at 
  • Once your resume is completed and you have attended our workshops, schedule an appointment with the Internship Coordinator one semester prior to the semester you wish to participate in an internship.

Save your resume on a USB driver or Email account and bring to your session with the Internship Coordinator. Your resume will be uploaded to Lehmans online database Symplicity.

What happens after I meet with the Internship Coordinator?

Periodically check the job bulletins, newsletter, and job books in Shuster 229 to identify potential internship opportunities. Always inform the Internship Coordinator of your findings and areas of interest. 

  • Your resume will be circulated to companies seeking interns with your career interest.
  • If receiving academic credit make sure you register for appropriate course(s) through the academic department.

What happens if I am hired as an intern? What's the next step?

  • Once you have been interviewed and offered an internship position, you must inform the Internship Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • You will be required to complete a Learning Agreement with your site supervisor. This form outlines your goals and the duties you will be expected to perform. The Learning Agreement is a valuable tool used to evaluate the learning experience.
  • Periodically, keep the Internship Coordinator updated on how your internship experience is progressing.
  • If you encounter difficulties at your internship site or have concerns about your assigned duties, please let the Internship Coordinator know so that you can be assisted.

The following steps will occur at the completion of your internship:

  • An evaluation of your performance will be conducted by your internship supervisor and returned to the Internship Coordinator for review.
  • You will be required to schedule a follow-up appointment to further discuss your evaluation  career goals and update resume.