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Career Services Center (CSC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Students and Alumni

How do I schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor?

Visit the Career Services Center in Shuster Hall, Room 254, or call 718-960-8366 for an appointment.

What are your office hours?

The Career Services Center is open:

  • Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-5pm and
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am-6:30pm (when classes are in session).

Please note: Office hours vary, depending on special summer hours, school closures or when classes are not in session. Contact our office for current office hours.

Will your Center assist me if I attended Lehman but did not graduate?  If yes, is there a minimum amount of semesters or credits that I must achieve or earn to be eligible for your services?

If you did not graduate from Lehman’s undergraduate or graduate school within the last five years, you must be a currently registered student.  Under these circumstances, as long as you are in good academic standing, you are eligible for our services.

Must I have filed a major in order for your office to assist me?

No. Part of our services include helping students decide on a major course of study.

Will your office help me in finding professional organizations and/or employment services in my field?

Yes. We do assist in identifying and referring students to professional organizations, government agencies and non-profits.

Must I be counseled by my academic adviser in my major for a specific career track or will your office assist me?

We will help you determine appropriate career choices based on your abilities and goals  and  assist you in aligning your chosen major with a career track.

Can the Career Services Center counsel me regarding the fields that currently have ample career options and/or anticipate an increase in employment opportunities?

Yes. We monitor career trends and include that information in our one-on-one counseling sessions as well as in workshops.

Can you help me if I am considering changing my academic major or my chosen career path?

Yes. We provide career counseling in which we match academic majors with career paths. We use a number of assessments to assist in this exploration.

Do you provide personal introductions related to employment searches with heads of companies and human resources executives?

Yes. We work with companies. If they have available positions, you will have an opportunity to meet with them through campus interviews or information sessions.

Do recruiters come to Lehman College?

Yes. Representatives from major business, accounting, and other for-profit companies as well as from hospitals and social service institutions, to name a few, come to our campus to learn more about our upcoming recruiting and information sessions. We also sponsor several career expos.

Is there a minimum cumulative index required for a current student or Lehman graduate to be eligible for your services?

You must be in good academic standing to be eligible for our services.

Do you offer the same level of assistance for alumni as you do for current undergraduate and graduate students?

Yes. Please note that, to be eligible, alumni must have graduated within the last five years and must be current members of the Alumni Association.

How long does it take to prepare a student to be ready to submit resumes and cover letters and to be an appropriate interviewee?

If you are actively engaged in workshops and internships, as is advisable, it usually takes a semester.

Are there fees for any of your services?


Are you affiliated or can you recommend any agencies or companies that assist students with the execution and production of professional resumes and cover letters?

No. We cannot endorse any business. 

Do you refer students for speech and voice assistance when you think it is advisable?

Yes.  We may refer students to the Lehman College Speech and Hearing Center for assistance.

Will I be assigned to one counselor who will advise me in all services offered in your department?

Yes. Students are assigned to counselors who specialize in the students’ academic majors.

Is the Career Services Center able to access opportunities for job searches in the arts, performing arts and other non-traditional fields?

Yes. We track career and employment opportunities in all fields represented in our academic departments in order to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

Whether I am an alumnus or a current student, how can I utilize the many services in the Career Services Center?

Register with Simplicity our career management system. You may also call or visit the CSC office to schedule an appointment with the career counselor who specializes in your field of study or area of interest.

If you are an alumnus, you are entitled to use CSC services provided you are a member of the Lehman Alumni Association and present a validated Alumni CUNYCard.  If you are a recent graduate of Lehman College (within the lastyear), you are given acomplimentary membership to the Alumni  Association as an Associate for the first year after your graduation. 

Where can I access the Internet if I don't have my own access?

A computer lab with career-related software and Internet access is available in Shuster Hall, Room 229 on:

  • Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from: 9am - 5pm
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays from: 9am - 6:30pm when classes are in  session (otherwise from 9am - 5pm)

Please note: A valid Lehman ID is required to use this lab and the lab isreserved for career-related work only.

Do you offer computers for alumni use?

Yes. We offer the same facilities  as available for current students (a current, valid  Lehman ID is required).

Will my session with the career counselor be kept confidential? 

Personal information that you discuss with a counselor is kept confidential. However, information related to your academic life atLehman College may be discussed with other professionals at the College if such discussion will be of additional assistance to you.    

How do I learn about upcoming activities, events and programs offered by the Career Services Center?

First, make sure that you register on the College Central Network database. This database:

  • allows students to post their updated resumes
  • provides access to jobs, internships, upcoming workshops/pr
  • grants access to the Alumni Mentoring Network
  •  offers many more services

How do I get work experience if I am just going to school?

There are a number of ways to get work experience.  The main avenues follow:

  • Work-Study – The Lehman College Work-Study Program hires eligible and motivated students for in-college employment opportunities where you can develop skills and gain valuable experience.  Work-Study integrates your academic and practical skills in and out of the classroom. Please visit the Financial Aid website for information regarding eligibility for Work-Study.
  • Part-time Employment – Getting a part-time job can help you gain confidence and independence as well as skills and experience. Depending on the nature of the employment, it may also provide you with an important entry for your resume’s work history.
  • Volunteer – This is an excellent way to explore particular professions and/or job tracks, as well as to gain experience.  Community engagement is an option that provides for you the opportunity to learn more about your community and also to give something back. Volunteering is very conducive to a flexible schedule that coordinates with your classes.
  • Internships(See the “Internship” section for information)

Does Lehman College host Career Expos?

Yes. Career Expo are scheduled yearly. The dates will be posted on this website. In addition, information will be emailed to registered students.