Textbook Orders for Winter and Spring Terms 2013

  • The textbooks which have been ordered for your course sections will be available on CUNYfirst: you can find the textbooks in the Search for Classes (Class Schedule): when you find the course and section, click on the Section link and this will take you to the textbook information as well as availability (enrollment).
  • Students may check this list, or go to the Lehman College Bookstore website and click on the upper left Books link.


  • Beginning with the Winter 2013 term and the Spring 2013 semester, faculty will be able to order textbooks for their classes using CUNYfirst.
  • The courses for the Winter and Spring 2013 terms are available, and faculty can enter the textbook information now.
  • To enter a textbook for your class, go to your Faculty Center and My Schedule on CUNYfirst.  Select the correct semester or term (click on “change term”).  Select the section you wish to identify texts for, and then click on the top or bottom link “my textbooks.”  Here you can provide specific information regarding books, articles, films, etc.  The “search” function should help you find current book information and will populate the fields.  You can also use any online search for book information and copy and paste the information. You can also copy texts that have been entered for other sections.  The price must be entered in order to save the data (any price will do, but the bookstore will use its own price when providing textbooks).  You can also include course material notes.  For each additional instructional material entry, click on the + icon to add new information.    If no textbooks are to be assigned to the course, please check that box. Once you have finished, click on the “Textbook entry complete” and then make sure you click the Save button.
  • Use this Book Ordering Guide [PDF] for illustrated instructions.
  • The Bookstore will use the CUNYfirst information that you provide to order textbooks for your courses and sections.  You may also use the Bookstore website to make orders, but these will not appear in the CUNYfirst materials and will not be available to students when they register.  Department chairs, program directors and course managers will be able to enter textbooks for courses in their respective areas.


  • 19 November: General deadline for winter session classes, or ASAP.
  • 3 December: Custom, packages and foreign titles for spring term need to be ordered eight weeks in advance
  • 14 December: General deadline for all spring orders.  The Bookstore can buy books back from students when the textbooks are ordered by this date.  The earlier the orders are submitted, the easier it will be for the Bookstore to get used texts.

21 December: Last day before the holiday break, when the Bookstore needs to order books in order to have textbooks on the shelves two weeks before the semester begins.  Please keep in mind that the bookstore can only order current editions.

Last modified: Nov 12, 2012

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