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Administration: The Office of Financial Operations - Instructions for Federal Work Study

Instructions for Federal Work Study

Time sheets must be submitted by the College Work-Study Supervisor to Student Financial Services, Shuster Hall Rm 034 in accordance with the Federal Work Study Schedule. Timesheet will not be accepted if hand delivered by the student.

Students may not exceed their Academic Year Federal Work-Study Award.

Students may not work more than twenty (20) hours per week during the academic year, including Intersession and Spring Recess. Maximum hours per week may be restricted by CUNY, if so, department supervisors will be notified. When completing the work study time sheet, please note that time should be reported in 15 minute increments and no decimal points should be used (e.g., 1 hr and 15 minutes or 1 ¼ hours; 1 hr and 30 minutes or 1 ½ hours ; and 1 hr and 45 minutes or 1 ¾ hours). If minutes are reported in something other than 15 minutes increments, the time sheet will be returned to the supervisor.

  • Students may not work during their scheduled class time.
  • Students must be matriculated and registered for at least six credits/hours in each term. Students who drop below six credits must stop working immediately and report new enrollment status to the Financial Aid Office.
  • FICA Tax will be withheld during Intersession.
  • Students graduating after the Fall Semester must stop working by 12/31/14.
  • All off-campus, FWS wages will be subject to FICA withholding.
  • For every five (5) consecutive hours worked students must take a half-hour break.
  • FWS students and supervisors are responsible for monitoring the work-study earnings so as to not exceed the Academic Year Work-Study award.
  • Signed FWS referral and W-4 form must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office, by the student, before work begins. Failure to do so will result in rejection of time sheets.

*All financial aid checks will be mailed to address noted on the FAFSA, for more information on FWS and Direct Deposit visit the Lehman College Federal Work Study page at: