Budget and Planning

The mission of the Office of Budget and Planning is to provide the Lehman College community with the highest level of quality and support for the preparation, implementation and control of the College’s financial planning and budgeting process; the pursuit of additional financial resources on behalf of the College; and to ensure compliance with approved College budget structure in support of the City University of New York and the College’s mission and goals. 

The College’s operating budget, approximately $80 million, is legislated by the State of New York and disbursed by the University Budget Office (UBO).  These funds are then distributed to the respective Vice President/Provost managing the various academic and administrative departments for appropriate action.

Budget and expenditure reports are available via the Lehman Online Management Reporting System (LOMRS).  Senior staff and authorized users are able to access real-time data related to their encumbrances, expenditures, and available balances for Personnel Services and Other Than Personnel Services (OTPS) budgets.  These reports are intended to ensure that activity has been recorded correctly by each department (i.e., Budget and Planning, Human Resources, and Accounts Payable) and that the College manages its fiscal resources as efficiently as possible.


Last modified: Sep 11, 2013

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