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Cindy Lobel PortraitCindy Lobel is an Associate Professor of History and co-coordinator of the WAC program at Lehman. She joined the faculty at Lehman in 2006 and is also on the faculties of Macaulay Honors College and the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Cindy is herself a graduate of the year-long Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Lehman. Her research interests include 19th-century United States history, urban history, New York City history, and the history of American foodways. (office CA-295; phone 718-960-1897 ; email cindy.lobel@lehman.cuny.edu)

Robyn C. Spencer is an Associate Professor of History at Lehman College where she teaches courses on the Black freedom movement. Her areas of research include Civil rights and Black Power, urban and working-class radicalism, and gender. Her writings on the Black Panther Party have appeared in the Journal of Women's History, Souls, Radical Teacher and many collections of essays on the 1960s. Her book The Revolution Has Come: Black Power, Gender, and the Black Panther Party in Oakland, on gender and the organizational evolution of the Black Panther Party in Oakland is forthcoming from Duke University Press in November 2016. She is a graduate of the year-long Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Lehman, a former member of the WAC Advisory Council and a supporter of many grassroots history education initiatives. (office CA-299; phone 718-960-2268; email robyn.spencer@lehman.cuny.edu)

Jessica Yood is an Associate Professor in the English Department at Lehman College and at the CUNY Graduate Center. One of the first coordinators of Lehman’s WAC program, Prof. Yood also served as a leader for CUNY-wide WAC initiatives from 2000-2011. Yood’s curriculum and teaching guides have been used in WAC professional development, in the M.A. program in Composition and Rhetoric, and for digital humanities initiatives at Lehman College and CUNY-wide. Her scholarship on rhetorical and cultural theory and the history of English studies is published in book collections and several journals including College English, Enculturation, JAC: A Journal of Rhetoric, Culture, and Politics, Composition Forum, JBW: The Journal of Basic Writing, and The Society for Critical Exchange. She is currently working on a book about a sabbatical year she spent as a student of first year composition. She blogs about this book and about literacy, contemporary culture, and higher education at www.jessicayood.com. In 2015 Prof. Yood was named Lehman College Teacher of the Year. (office CA-399; phone 718-960-8530; email jessica.yood@lehman.cuny.edu)

Faculty Development Associate

Kultej Dhariwal is a PhD candidate in the English program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. He holds a BA in English from the University of Victoria (Victoria, Canada), an MA in English Language and Literature from Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada), and an MPhil in English from the Graduate Center, CUNY. He has eclectic interests in modern literature and is especially drawn to Anglophone works from India and the Indian diaspora. For his dissertation project, he is exploring the political aspects of narrative form in recent writing about the city of Mumbai. He has taught courses in literature and composition at Lehman College since 2011.

The Writing Across the Curriculum Advisory Committee

The WAC Advisory Committee (WAC-AC) provides support and direction to the WAC initiative. WAC-AC’s charge is to assist WAC in 1) expanding its scope to include all academic departments, 2) planning and conducting college-wide faculty development initiatives, and 3) working with the Office of Institutional Research to assess the impact that WAC is having on Lehman’s student population. WAC-AC meets monthly and includes many of the faculty and administrators involved in Lehman’s Coordinated Undergraduate Education Initiative (CUE). In addition to the WAC coordinators, members of WAC-AC include the Provost, the Dean of Arts & Humanities, current and former department chairs, and faculty/ administrators who direct the Freshman Year Initiative, Instructional Support Services, the College Curriculum Committees (undergraduate and graduate), General Education Initiative, CPE coordination, and CUE.

Current members include:

Prof. Stefan Becker, Earth, Environmental, and Geospatial Sciences/Vice Provost, Academic Programs
Kultej Dhariwal, English/WAC Faculty Development Associate
Harriet Fayne, Interim Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Althea Forde, Director, Instructional Support Services
Prof. Sharon Freedberg, Social Work/Interim Associate Dean, School of Health Sciences, Human Services and Nursing
Prof. Amanda Gulla, Middle and High School Education
Jane Higgins, Director, New York City Writing Project
Prof. Dene Hurley, Chair, Economics and Business
Jaye Jones, Executive Director, Institute for Literacy Studies/WAC Coordinator
Melissa Kirk, Chief of Staff to Provost, Academic Affairs
Prof. Robin Kunstler, Health Sciences/Director, Recreation Program
William Latimer, Dean of Health Sciences, Human Services and Nursing
Prof. Cindy Lobel, History/WAC Coordinator
Prof. Carl Mazza, Chair, Social Work
Prof. Pamela Mills, Chair, Chemistry
Deirdre Pettipiece, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Davina Porock, Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Academic Affairs
Prof. Vincent Prohaska, Psychology/Chair, WAC-AC
Gautam Sen, Dean, School of Natural and Social Sciences
Prof. Robyn Spencer, History/WAC Coordinator
Prof. Duane Tananbaum, History
Lynne van Voorhis, Assistant Dean, International Programs and Global Partnerships/CUE Coordinator
Prof. Elin Waring, Chair, Sociology
Prof. Esther Wilder, Sociology
Prof. Steven Wyckoff, English/Director, Freshman Year Initiative (FYI)
Prof. Jessica Yood, English/WAC Coordinator


Last modified: Nov 4, 2016

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